New Microtransactions: Ultimatum Brimmed Hat, Crucible Hideout and Maven's Astrolabe Map Device

Ringx wrote:
nimbus1983 wrote:
The worse offence of all was the streamer priority, they could have restarted the league after they fixed it since only 14 hours had passed but they chose to leave it as is and let all those streamers amass currency and get a huge head start on everyone else and to add insult to injury, not only the streamers got the chance to play ahead of everyone else, but their minions as well, Even people who don't stream at all. This issue has been handled terribly. Shame on you GGG.
You probably don't even want to know about the ones that dupped 100's of ex then. No word on them so i assume they've kept them.

Wait there was dupping too? That's the cherry on top of the shit ice-cream they served this weekend.
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Lol, GGG must be trolling! 😆
No thanks.
Well for one, I think these are really cool.
Big props to GGG for the awesome content over so many years.

The game itself and the league are fantastic, you can't take away the tremendous amount of work and effort that the team puts in every single league - while keeping the game entirely free.

Whoever reads this at GGG, keep up the good work, you guys better get some well-deserved rest after this whole ordeal!
The only mistake one can ever make is to not learn from his mistakes.
I used to believe this
Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy

now it only applies to Streamers and the Streamer RNG
Hear are other things we have been told to believe

[Removed by Support]

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They waypoint looks awkward on the Maven's Hideout... not sure if we have a better option ..maybe time for new variations for it?
They look nice.
Too bad you turned me off adding any more support for the game.

Holy hell are you tone deaf...
This reminds me.

Please add an option to mute the map device.
I think this is two leagues in a row now with a "brimmed hat" that is actually a hat and actually has a brim. guys are plotting something, aren't you... O.o
Awakened Combustion Support when?

"Not that I was likely to [converse of gist of latest patch notes] but it was nice to have the dream." :(

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