Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority

Another meaningless apology, awesome.
blablabla lost a ton of support already lol just fix it god this isn't even a beta anymore this is an early access crap.
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
you not only allowed streamers priority to skip the queue,i can accept that they are paid so be it. but you also allowed the streamers to bring their wife, friends, pets and group members into the game by simply messaging in game supports to allow these people to skip the queue entirely. that is what angered me the most.
respect for acknowledging
You did the right thing for letting streamers in with a priority. Don't cave in to the whiners.

I got to watch a bit of PoE yesterday on my favorite stream, instead of staring at a queue and a streamer who cannot log in and get frustrated.

The silent majority wants to enjoy the experience of the game - this righteous indignation about fairness is ill devised.

What you did ensured that your game got exposure and that people got at least something out of launch date.

Reset league then. Stop alpha testing on humans!
Be strong, and fast please.
Thank you for post. Good Luck on fix fellas. Things happen!
reset the league.

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