Ultimatum Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

First Page Yeah!
Great, notes are here
Nvm... Second Page ................
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Hey GGG, so we are still running harvest for crafts to sell on TFT right?

Are you serious?

Most harvest crafts worth still worth more than loot drops from 100% deli juiced maps... So why even map? Just get your harvest and go sell on TFT. Outside of high level crafting its the best money with 0 investment.

TFT should not be the end game.

I love harvest. It made me have incremental goals and made me play until the last day of ritual league. Harvest is still fine the way you brought it back. But for the LOVE OF GOD WHY IS HARVEST STILL A TFT DISCORD SIM.

Make harvest a <5% spawn rate and make the crafts trade-able.

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