Game Balance in Path of Exile: Ultimatum

[discontinued] Dyadus Berserker:
[discontinued] Flame Surge Berserker:
Life is ethical
Life is Life.
Life is nonMETA.
CSLocus wrote:

pog what ? you didnt even read.
fk archnemesis.

Finally got poison mappers though...
BV dead?

EDIT: Yup, and everything else.
Last edited by CeIeb on Apr 12, 2021, 6:15:29 PM
Wait a second... Low Energy Shield? Is it actually happening?
"General Balance Changes (It's All Nerfs)"
Physical Explosion Body Armours
Influence and Synthesis modifiers that caused enemies killed to explode dealing physical damage will no longer have a 100% chance to apply.

-->> R.I.P
again path of nerfs :D, no buffs only nerfs
PogChamp, byebye bb bf, toxic and bv, see ya in next life F. Thx GGG, thats what i want to see)

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