Game Balance in Path of Exile: Ultimatum

Yeah I'm also confused as to what the end-game is supposed to be now. Caps out at killing maven/a9 sirus? Maybe very occasionally doing 100% deli maps in between loads of alch and go boring maps?

I suppose one could still deep delve. Not for profit though, heavens no! Just for lolz.
Украина в моём сердце
Seems okay.
lyonsfox wrote:
I feel like GGG only knows how to nerf.

Yeah right. GG DPS used to be a million is basic 10 million is more the meta.

Anyway great nerfs all I saw coming. Explody especially.

Git R Dun!
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Chau! Vayanse a cagar. No voy a testear su puto juego.

Bye! Go shit. I'm not going to test his fucking game.
Problem: there was no problem
Solution: they created one
GG Posted this 11 days 2 late
They just checked then nerfed 90% of the playerbase, lol.
Since everything is bad now, I can run zombies again.
omg dude this is so amazing wtf
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Can you still use fracture fossil to an item that has a "split" Tag?

Replies would really be appreciated.
to bring the cost down slightly for appropriate builds

You will pay for this.
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
DreadGodBaira wrote:
ProGameZ wrote:
boo! Chris a LIAR
ALSO killing thing we love... You break my heart...
Deleting WHOLE endgame builds such as selfcurse, Fire BV...
Whole game economic sectors - fracturing maps, mf and deep delving.
I am deleting game until good news.
AHOY, captain Liar!

you've literally not bought any supporter packs though what do you mean

And I will not buy any if future. Now game have no worth, no interest to invest in.
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