[3.13] The Toxic Tank! SSF, HC, Gauntlet, and Leaguestart Viable. UE Down Deathless on First Try

In Path of Exile, do you hate dying? Do you like to watch other things die?

Yes? Then try this build.

Build Achievements!
The Gauntlet Level 90 with a 5-link bow.

I am not a professional, and this achievement is a testament to the SSF friendliness and tankiness of the build.

Shaper down deathless on one attempt (lvl 90 character).

Uber Elder down deathless on one attempt (lvl 90 character).


All videos so far are made using my original lvl 90 gauntlet character
T16 with SSF Scuffed Gear:
T16 Delirium Map with Good Gear: I could definitely go faster
Shaper: Deathless - survived purple ball to the face
Uber Elder: Deathless - easiest UE I have ever done
Uberlab: I chuckled

More to come

► TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/donkster5
► YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuj3BS84vTI7xeNVnlkjAmg
► DISCORD: Donkster5#2395
V 1.0 (4/5/21):
-Pob updated for 3.14 soon
What should you expect from this build?

The build is a TANK.

It is fully SSF, HC, and League Start capable.

It utilizes the Champion ascendancy to gain permanent Fortify, the Winddancer passive for a straight 20% damage reduction, Steelskin for a little off the top, Withering Step for elusive, and evasion and dodge to make most things miss. Add in elemental ailment immunity and self cast enduring cry for extra regen.

With flasks up, you basically do not get hit, and when you do, the built in defenses limit the damage to almost never get one shot. Getting back to full life before the next hit is easy. I have died a total of one time with this build, in the Gauntlet on a tier 13 Redeemer map while not paying attention.

For skills we use TR Ballista Totems and a 5 (or 6) link direct attack TR for additional dmg output when you do not need to avoid attacks.

The beauty of this build is not the pure dmg output, but rather the consistent damage that can be applied while never actually targeting an enemy. You quickly cast your totems and then focus on evading attacks and keeping defenses up. With good gear you can get ~1 MM DoT DPS per totem (x5), plus another 1-2 MM you can directly apply on top of that. With very good gear you can reach 1.5 MM DoT DPS per totem or more.

+SSF viable
+HC viable
+League starter
+run and gun, stuff dies behind you
+Consistent damage without direct attacks
+Tanky enough for the Gauntlet
+Should be able to clear all content (UE down deathless in <3 minutes at level 90 in standard)
+Most map mods are no problem
+No uniques required


-Totem delay (you can selfcast TR in maps should you prefer)
-Needs 111 Int and 109 Str (155 str for a fully leveled enduring cry)
-Self cast enduring cry
-HC requires lvling with melee skill until 2nd lab
-TR based so expensive to min/max
-Will not oneshot bosses
-Avoid Cannot Regen Life and Mana Maps
-Requires prioritizing Mana until Elreon Jewelry craft. Use an enduring flask and tree passives accordingly.

3) Skill Tree Progression / Path of Building / Ascendancy / Bandits
Path of building:https://pastebin.com/GzshXrPG

Leveling trees are in the POB. I have broken them into two parts up to around level 50, the Gauntlet and Regular. The Gauntlet can apply to HC leveling if you think you'll have survivability issues up until the second lab without fortify.

For the Gauntlet I needed Fortify to survive. I used dual wield Lacerate linked with Fortify until the second lab. Then, I respecced out of the fortify and dual weild nodes and into panopticon. Specifically, I rushed Golem's Blood and then over to Winddancer, followed by the bottom left fortify nodes (rampart).

If you prefer to level with bows, grab caustic arrow and pierce, then mirage archer when available. When TR is available at ~lvl 12, grab two and stick one in a selfcast and one with Ballista Totem. Grab Vicious projectiles for both when available in act 2, and go from there. Rush Winddancer and then backtrack to Golem's blood. Pickup easy bow nodes and head down to Panopticon.

You can also follow this general guide for Toxic Rain. It is quite good: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3078555/page/1

Ascendancy:Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude, Conquerer, Inspirational

The 4th ascendancy is really your choice: Inspirational (Off/Def), Worthy Foe (Off), or First to Strike/Last to Fall (Def).

Bandits: Kill All

4) Early Levelling Gear / Skills

For the Gauntlet tree go Lacerate 4L:
Lacerate - Fortify - Melee Phys Damage - Ruthless (or Chance to Bleed or Onslaught).

For Regular tree go Toxic Rain 4L:
Toxic Rain - Ballista Totem - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation.

For the selfcast 4L use
Toxic Rain - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction or Mirage Archer
For bows use a Quill Rain or Silverbranch until you can get a 5 or 6-link Silverbough or High Speed Bow Base (Thicket or Grove) with +2 Bow Gems and Attack Speed or DoT Multi.
That can carry you to the endgame where you can min/max to your hearts content.

For all other gear, focus on resistances, attack speed, and DoT where applicable.

5) My Actual Gear / End-Game Skills

Uber Lab enchant: Toxic Rain deals 40% increased Damage or Toxic Rain fires one additional arrow.

Really Good Gear:

BIS Body Armor is a 6-link Carcass Jack for the AOE. You can save big money and get by with a 5-link as it houses your secondary selfcast TR setup. Your main setup goes in your bow.

That helmet is my trash helmet from gauntlet, but it shows the gem setup and is what I'm using in the endgame videos

My SSFHC Gear (Lvl 90 in Guantlet)

Prioritize the Bow, Chest, Elreon's Non-channeling Skill Costs Less Mana Rings and Amulet, and then Flasks.

The following are nice but not mandatory: A Helmet with -9 to Chaos Resistance. Aspect of the Spider. High-Level Empower. +1 to Chaos Gems Amulet.


TR Ballista 6L: Toxic Rain - Ballista Totem - Viscious Projectiles - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Empower or Efficacy or Increased Area of Effect

TR selfcast 5 or 6L: Toxic Rain - Viscious Projectiles - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Faster Attacks or Mirage Archer - Empower or Efficacy or Increased Area of Effect

CWDT - Steelskin (I settled with CWDT lvl 6 and Steelskin lvl 13)

Flame Dash - Second Wind - Enduring Cry

Malevolence - Enlighten - Vitality or Clarity

The following single gems stick in wherever you can:
Blood Rage
Despair (until you get a Witchfire Brew)
Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace
Withering Step (Bind this to left click so it auto-casts as you run around)


No Unique Jewels Required! Prioritize Life, Attack Speed, and DOT.

I also recommend you get anything with Corrupted Blood for endgame.

Watcher’s Eye: Not necessary, but you could use a DoT Multi Malevolence. Add in anything else you like based off your other Aura's.

The build does not need Cluster Jewels, but a really good one that is relatively easy to craft is 8 passive Large Bow Dmg Cluster Jewel with Tempered Arrowheads and Added Small Passives have +% Increased Effect. You can check the POB for a full Cluster setup. It's possible to swap out the large cluster for a chaos dmg one, but playing with it seemed to point to bow dmg being better. Please experiment and let me know your preference.

Interesting things can also be done with a Thread of Life (Very Large Ring). There is a tree with that idea in the PoB.

Honestly, you are probably better off buying one or using Efficacy instead of Empower and just slamming +2 to socketed bow gems essences until you match it with T1 Attack Speed and/or DoT Multi. Add whatever crafting bench mod is missing.

This is the same link from the leveling section, but the bow crafting information linked there is quite thorough. Take a look if you want to do it yourself: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3078555/page/1

6) Flasks

Flasks are mostly defense. You can switch out the Stibnite for a Silver to get onslaught for some added offense.

Uniques are great but not mandatory: Witchfire Brew means you don't have to self-cast despair, Dying Sun gives you more AoE. Prioritize Witchfire Brew.

Use Enduring Mana or Hybrid flask until you can get Elreon's jewelry craft.

7) Pantheon Gods

Major: Solaris
Minor: Ryslatha

You can really choose your preference for Pantheon. I often switch it around based on what I'm doing.

8) Hardcore Viable or not?

YES! Gauntlet SSF/HC Viable.

9) You're rich

Awakened gems
Watcher’s Eye
6-Link Carcass Jack
Big Money Toxic Rain Bow
Expensive Clusters to play with

1) Why Toxic Rain with Ballista?

Toxic Rain lays down a really nice layer of damage, hinders/slows enemies, scales well in the endgame, and does not require any uniques. TR is traditionally a good all-arounder. Decent mapping speed with good bossing ability.

2) Why don't I just play a straight Toxic Rain build?

This is a tank that utilizes TR to do good consistent damage. Straight Toxic Rain is really all about the damage. I chose this build for the Ritual Guantlet and it performed admirably.

3) How cheap is this build?

This build is SSF viable which means you can make it work with less than amazing gear. Therefore, it's cheap. However, TR is not necessarily cheap to scale fully into endgame in a trade league. Your one big expense is the bow. Beyond that, it's just how much do you want to spend to min/max?

4) What auras should I run?

Your main one is Malevolence. I ran Vitality and that helps with some life regen. You could run Clarity instead to help with Mana woes. Aspect of the Spider, Flesh and Stone (with Maim), Blood and Sand, or banners are a good option as well. It depends on what you need and what level your enlighten is.

5) What about despair?

Self-cast despair until you get your hands on a Witchfire Brew.

6) Can I drop some defenses?

Depending on league, dropping defense to add offense is totally feasible. The POB mainly focuses on making a super tanky HC viable build.

6) Should I get more life?

I have a "life" tree in the POB, but I don't know that it's necessary. You should be able to get between 5 and 6k life without stretching too much. Offense is also important.

Credit for the original build goes to OctavianO
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Nice build. Might try it for 3.14.

Have you done awakener 8 or 9 with this build?
Hey LegionFirex, Thank you and I hope you do. I'm looking forward to patch notes and will continue to craft the build a bit for next week.

Regarding killing A8, I have not as I do not have access to the awakener in standard. I might get it done depending on time and will post a video if I do. Just knowing how the build felt against UE, I'm very optimistic. It might wait until next league.
Hi. One personal question. Im looking for a tanky build for next league but Im not good at builds that need flasks to survive. Could I play this build without flasks and keep the tankiness?
Last edited by yissus on Apr 9, 2021, 6:51:04 PM
yissus wrote:
Hi. One personal question. Im looking for a tanky build for next league but Im not good at builds that need flasks to survive. Could I play this build without flasks and keep the tankiness?

It’s still tanky, but you will get hit more. This build does give you stun avoidance so you’ll still be able to move away after taking a hit. I’d suggest taking the three phasing passives next to winddancer in order to keep up phasing. A key factor in survivability is movement, and if you’re phasing and avoiding stuns you can move away from danger in order to give yourself time to heal up.

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