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Please let us choose a number of casts or stages to reach before releasing a channelled skill. This would be particularly relevant to Incinerate, which I'm considering to build around, but I have also had experience with Flameblast totems.

Without incredible cast speed that lets the totems cast Flameblasts all over the place, monsters would walk out of unfinished Flameblasts all the time. For clearspeed, setting the Flameblasts to detonate at 4-5 stacks would be a huge help.

Using the skills yourself doesn't have this limitation, but it is only channelled skills, that do have this limitation compared to non-channelling skills. If I just boringly use Arc or Glacial Cascade like everybody else, I won't have any of these issues.

I simultaneously asked for a rework of the damage formula for Incinerate so releasing it at full stages as the totems are currently doing actually makes sense, but since this isn't a problem that is specific to Incinerate, I'm asking here about the other aspect.

Edit: It's been two months, but nobody posted here since my last feedback, so I'll just edit this.

Please allow us to scale the range at which totems recognise enemies. I tried out Ice Spear totems, and it feels like enemies almost need to be inside the arming range for the totems to target them, making them essentially unplayable with a long range skill like this. It's fine if this requires 10-20 points on the skill tree; it would be worth it.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but this was the important part.
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For people playing with mapping skills that have a slow cast time, the 40% less cast speed is deadly. I was wondering if it's possible to implement something along the lines of the first cast is at normal speed and then all subsequent casts have the cast speed penalty, sort of like a reverse spell echo support. This way the delay of placing a totem and then the delay of casting a spell and then the delay of the spell hitting an enemy wouldn't make mapping feel like taking a break between each pack. Perhaps it could be a mastery node on the tree or built into some totem supports.
I noticed something with Spell Totem Support's description: According to it it supports spell skills that are not triggered.

From my understanding that would have to include non-triggered guard skills such as Steelskin. However Steelskin (somewhat sensibly) cannot be supported by Spell Totem Support.

I think this should be reflected in the support gem's description.

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