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Connecting this to a Spell Skill Gem will create a totem that casts the spell.
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Umbraal wrote:
Strill wrote:
The damage on my ice spear is substantially lower with the totem support connected than without. Are you guys sure it inherits your stats?

Also, does it benefit from Minion Damage passives?

The shockwave totem doesn't benefit from spell damage, so I assume that any totem won't benefit from spell damage in the same way detonate dead doesn't. That's what's decreasing your damage. And minion passives do not affect the stats of a totem.
Totems casting spells will benefit from spell damage increases. The totem's damage is lower because in addition you your stats, the totem support gem has a "40% less damage" stat (not sure if this value changes as it levels).
Umbraal wrote:
The gem doesn't state that in its description anywhere so that seems to be a bug.
Odd. It's definitely showing for me on the gem tooltip.

Update: This stat description is currently missing in beta and will be merged into an upcoming patch.
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I noticed this when playing around with the Totem support and other totems. It seems like a bug; it might not be. In this test, the totems were a Shockwave Totem (able to cast 1), Lesser Multi-Chaos Damage-Totem Fireball (able to cast 2) and Decoy Totem (able to cast 3)

Now, if any number of any kind of totems are up when I throw out a Shockwave totem, the others all disappear; however, if the Shockwave totem is placed first, then I can place the other totems out up to the number they can have. For example, I can put down a shockwave, then a fireball, then a decoy, provided I do it in that order. Similarly I can do two fireball then a decoy, a shockwave and 2 decoy, a shockwave and a fireball, or a fireball and two decoy (and that one won't matter what order I cast it in, since both have at least 2 provided I cast the last decoy at the end)
This is the current correct behaviour, but we'll be hopefully able to change that in future.
Exterminatus wrote:
Skeletons summoned using Totem leave corpses behind and make quite a mess. As entertaining as it is, it surely isn't intended.


Thanks for the report - I know why this will occur after the 0.9.10 changes, I'll add finding a solution to my list.
Kraide wrote:
It'd be interesting if either this worked in a slightly special fashion with auras: since totems are necessarily immobile, it would be interesting if totems drastically decreased the amount of mana reserved instead of increasing it.
It does - it reduces the amount of mana you reserve by 100%, because the totem reserves mana and you don't. You pay to cast the totem, but don't reserve any mana, so you still have your entire mana orb available as well as the aura, at the cost of the aura being in a static location.
The totem is linked to you - it's casting your spells, not it's own. The totem always casts the spell exactly as you would if you cast it at that point.
If you change your applicable bonuses in any way, including by switching weapons, the totem's spells cast from that point will have the new values, just like yours would.
sYkoDe4d wrote:
make it possible to reduce the deployment time with cast speed.
Cast speed already affects the time taken to summon totems.
c2games wrote:
Is it intended that kills by your totem don't count as "yours"?
Kills by your totem are your kills - if this is not working correctly in some cases then that's a bug. What specific thing are you seeing that leads you believe this is not occurring correctly?
LadyDevimon wrote:
Cast speed already affects the time taken to summon totems.

The speed on the totem support doesn't work right.
I did some tests with 0,71 casttime and 0,48. The more speed i have, the more slowly it is casted.
Gadzooks, you're right!

Cast speed modifiers were applied backwards to totem summoning time (and trap laying speed was similarly backwards for throwing traps/placing mines). This is fixed locally and should be in the next small patch.
I just want to have my totem summon other totems, I want to summon one totem to rule them all...

or can this work if you have a passive that lets you have 2 or more totems at once? Maybe a totem that re-spawns a regen totem for me every time a mob decides to kill it?
No, but the mental image alone is hilarious enough that I'm considering trying to convince the others.

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