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Mark_GGG wrote:
The_x_ile wrote:
does anybody know what is the base duration of laying a mine?

ok thx!
my builds:
- COLB (Cast On Last Breath) first ever build:
- the Flash:
- the oro's bridle build:
with the change to minions not being effected, does it mean they will also not be effected by the 15% pen from tree?

in other words, is minion damage no longer effected by mine dmg mods at all?
fractured devourer:

@ScionLeTard @Tardesis
a repost from firestorm which might be relevant here as well:

Is there any reason why firestorm + remote mine or trap doesn't cast on nearest target and instead casts on itself even when there are enemies around?

it makes that combo unplayable, and its inconsistent with how mine interacts with other spells (casting on nearest target within some AOE)
fractured devourer:

@ScionLeTard @Tardesis
Currently, if you detonate a mine while holding the mouse button to move, after you finish detonating you stop moving.
You cant move until you let go of the mouse and click to move again.

The last time I played it didn't stop your movement like this and it feels very clunky now.

Imagine you had to click to move again every time you fired a skill.. yea it doesn't feel good at all.

Another thing, if you try to lay a mine while your holding the button to move, you wont actually lay a mine unless the cursor is right under your feet. It really should just lay a mine wherever you happen to be when you use the skill. Other skills seem to do this too, if you try to flame dash beyond its max range it simply wont use it until you stop moving.
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My current setup is Tremor rod, belly of the beast, maligaro's virtousity, and rares for the rest.

After having played and tested alot of skills with this support gem I can now confirm. It does have some issues which needs attention.

First of all - you have to hold shift to put the mine down at your current location and not cursor location. I know this is heard before, but remote mine should really put the mine at your current location. This would make the skill alot easier to use.

Second - alot of skills simply wont auto-target monsters. This is probably intended, but let me tell you its clunky as hell. I think the remote mine should have a "range" where it automaticly targets the nearest monster, similar to totems. In its current state its basicly unusable (and very dangerous, casters have to go into melee?). If Miners really have to head into melee I think we need some keystone/support gem/skill in order to adress our survival issues.
The skills I'm talking about here is detonate dead, firestorm, fire trap, multiple traps. They all have targeting issues.

Mines does however work great with area based skills that will spread outward for a large radius: shock nova, Fire nova mine, Ice nova etc.

Otherwise, fun skill! :)

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I've been using remote mine for a few weeks now, it's a viable and fun gem imo.

That said, I have the same issues as the posters before me:
Some spells when triggered cast on the location of the mine, not of the nearest mob (cold snap for instance).

Some spells that do cast on the nearest mob, are made clunky+unusable for clearing because they ignore everything that is not that nearest mob. Storm call for instance. This could be solved by having the spell execute on a rendom target within mine range, with bigger chance for mobs closer to mine.

The mines should be laid directly at the feet of the user, not at the cursor point. To be able to play rmeote mine, I have had to change shift to space and I am now holding space down almost permanently. I cannot think of any good uses for why the mine is placed at the cursor instead of at the feet.
So is the mine 'arming' time supposed to be related to the spell's cast time, or is that a bug?
I'm also interested wether it is on purpose that skills linked to RM behave differently in regards to targeting. Examples:

Firestorm --> doesn't target, cast is always centered on the mine.
Bladefall --> does target as long as enemies are in range.

Oh, and I agree that is cumbersome to always press Shift when laying mines, why was this even changed? So far none of the mine-players I've talked to prefer it this way, adds just another layer of inconvenience when playing with mines. :(
I've been playing a mine Build for about 2 months now and the experience has been quite impressive!

First of all: the increased mine detonation radius from the high explosives Cluster really, REALLY serves its purpose.
Projectile based Skills really feel quite responsive now!

But I guess it is more than overdue that Miners get some more love QOL-wise :/ I know, many say that GGG Won't do it because Miners are such a Min(e)-ority... hue...
Nevertheless I'd say that if we just get some Gems or jewels which change up the behavior of mines, they would get quite a boost in popularity!

Although I do have a question when it comes to the upcoming expansion:
I guess the 10% chance to blind on hit gets applied to your mines?
And also, is the arming time of mine known? (so we can kinda calculate the dps with tremor rod since it's arming time+cast time for re-arming the mine)

Dear GGG,
Will you add in new patch Remote Mine as Quest or Vendor reward for Shadow ? With new Shadow's Ascendancy class Saboteur, it is quite suprising that he doesn't get it. Templar have this support gem, but there is no nodes for mines near his starting area.

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