Remote Mine


Linking this to a Spell Skill Gem will let you trigger the skill remotely.
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I'm still kind of confused, how do you detonate mines? Using the skill again? But then how do you get more than 1 mine out?
Once you've placed at least one mine, a new skill button appears floating above the others with the "detonate" skill.
Does this work with auras? If it does, what is the effect?
Auras, and other spells that require being turned on for a duration, cannot be put on traps or mines.
How do mines work with directional spells? Traps obviously would aim towards the enemy that triggered it, but where does the mine shoot? Towards you, or perhaps the nearest enemy?
When detonated, a mine with a spell that targets an enemy will find the closest enemy within the trap trigger radius, and target that.
A bug I've found, when I tried Totem combined with Summon Skeletons gem: Totem summons minions directly in place of a monster, and if monster dies at the same time when skeletons appear, there probably will be no drop.
Sorry, I'm not quite understanding what you think the bug is? Are you saying the monsters weren't dropping items?

Also using elemental spells combined with totem support is not associated with any risk of elemental damage reflection. Methinks at least Totem should be affected.
If a totem hits a reflection monster with the appropriate kind of damage, it should take the reflected damage. Are you not seeing this behaviour occurring correctly?
starsg wrote:
Like the link with frost wall, it would only cast in a fixed-direction.
And fireball dont auto-aim like the ice spear (according to an online friend).
Mines will auto-target, but only on things within the trap trigger radius - they can't see monsters beyond that. So both fireball and Ice Spear mines will auto-target at close monsters, but won't be able to target further-away monsters.
RysanMarquise wrote:
It is rather annoying that this gem aims all projectiles in a fixed direction unless enemies are immediately near it.

I would like to see it inherent where you are aiming, allowing you to effectively 'charge' several projectiles at once using it. I understand that it might be good if done that way, but I have trouble believing that it would be 'too good'.

As it stands aiming in the same direction all of the time just feels bad.
If there are no enemies in the mine's trigger radius, it target's itself - the 'always fires projectiles in the same direction' is a side effect of how projectiles are handled when not given a direction (because from self to self isn't a direction).

It's unlikely that mines will be changed to allow you to get around the trigger radius only for projectiles by telling them where to aim at things the mines themselves can't detect.
When this is fixed, they'll likely fire in random directions if they have no target in range. I agree that always defaulting to the same direction looks wrong.
It is not intended to be able to completely bypass trigger radius like you are suggesting.
Clock_Keeper wrote:
As to deciding a direction on activation, why not use the mouse pointer upon activating the mines? It'd help with planting spread out mines while still aiming for a single target that may not be in all their respective radii.
They are specifically not supposed to be able to aim at anything outside the trigger radius. This would be very powerful, and also make the trigger radius stat useless for many mined skills.
Vipermagi wrote:
Enemy detection sounds very likely; it's detonated on command, but will trigger targeting a specific enemy.
This is correct. A trap is constantly checking it's trigger radius and detonates when a monster enters it, targeting that monster. A mine checks it only when detonated to find a target for the skill.
It's the distance a trap/mine can 'see' enemies.

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