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VardekCrom63 wrote:
Hey :)

Do you think your build can be used as AFK blighted map farming ?

Yes it can, it requires some gemswaps for that to be possible though since we're not very tanky.

I will be writing a full blight and simulacrum afk guide in the "How to make currency" section later on in the league.

But the basic gist of it is that we swap everything we don't need for defensive gems. Keep in mind that you want white sockets in your wand and shield for this to work. I've only developed an afk version for T16 blight too, I think you want atleast medium level of gear for it to work.

1. Step one: Get more Elemental resistance. You need to have a Glorious Vanity Jewel and a small cluster with Born of Chaos.

2. Step two: Gem swaps.
For this to work we want 3 white sockets on our shield and weapon.
We swap out all active gems in the build that we no longer need for passive ones that let us tank hits.

Weapon: Vitality - X - X
The trigger won't turn of the aura. We need vitality for additional life regen. The other gems won't matter. You can choose to run another Cast When Damage Taken with holy flame totem or Frost Wall to get more regen or defenses when hit, this requires us to remove the trigger though since trigger craft and CWDT cancels eachother out.
Steelskin - Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration
This gives us a 2.6k dmg absorb whenever we take big damage which gives us enough time to regen up to full while our minions are killing stuff.

I also prefer to swap minion damage for feeding frenzy on the spectres to make them aggresive.
We lose sktterbots for Vitality but the damage bonus from skitterbots isn't really needed and I've found the Vitality extra regen really helpful.
It would also be stronger to run an Elementalist for afk blights compared to a necromancer cause we get even more defensive layers with the Elemental Shield, more regen from stonegolem and a chaos golem.
If you prefer to play Elementalist in this build that's absolutely viable aswell, the dps is roughly the same overall but your dps is less consistent cause it relies more on frost bomb and your minion survivability is worse.

Unfortunately I don't know what the lower budget requirements to do this is exactly, but as said, I think the medium budget version of the build should be more than fine doing these maps.

Here's a video showing afk blights:
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Trebien75 wrote:
Deadandlivin wrote:

And yes, the budget version easily clears juiced T16 without a problem.
You can watch this video to see how it plays versus Alched T16 maps:

Working really good for low budget, I certainly will try it.

My main concern is with the defenses, I got only one defensive flask per time on console.

Wand +1/+1 will be a challenge, but I would have 300% auras (and I like to play very lazy).

If your main concern is button inputs you're only really using 2 flasks defensively: Basalt and Granite.

The other two flasks are for mobility(Quicksilver and Onsluaght).
The last is for recovery.

I feel you when it comes to lazy play. I only press my keyboard once every ~4 second. This does however require me to press all my flasks and phase run at the same time which is what allows me to speed farm maps super fast.
If you want to have less button inputs you can definitely go that route and play a slower version of the build. But I think that might defeat the purpose of the build since our run speed is one of our primary defenses. We just run away and through monsters and dodge 98% of all attacks.
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Sensi_Star wrote:
Hi man
CI its posible ?

It is possible and probably better than running Life like I have done.
It would require even more ridiculous gear than I currently have though, we're talking multipile mirrors.

I was experimenting with a Occultist ES version of the build in PoB and managed to hit 9k ES, 2.1k ES Regen on that version. It lost ~10% dps but gained Explodey for our minions and a third curse without needing Awakened Hextouch.

This however, was with absolute BiS gear.
I don't know whether it's worth to go CI on a lower budget because it's super hard to hit most required ES slots
I used many minion builds before, first time starting a golemancer this league. The guide looks great, but I am wondering about wand setup. Why Blade Vortex? With how sqishy this build is, wouldnt it be better to use a ranged skill to trigger EE?
Kaevar wrote:
I used many minion builds before, first time starting a golemancer this league. The guide looks great, but I am wondering about wand setup. Why Blade Vortex? With how sqishy this build is, wouldnt it be better to use a ranged skill to trigger EE?

I chose to run BV because it enables me to never stop running. It's also a very confortable method for applying curses + EE on packs of monsters without having to stop and cast it all the time.

Despite the build being squishy I don't find this a problem a majority of time. You can watch the videos to see how the build actually plays.
I find that I die more running the low budget versions with Storm Brand because I have to stop and cast all the time and sometimes I get caught out by some attack which may kill me.

That being said, using BV for bosses, especially if your dps is low, can be VERY dangerous as you might dash into a boss like minotaur and tank a massive melee swing. You gotta be careful with how you engage endgame bosses like Feared Invitations et.c.
Bone armor can trigger the BV?
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Trebien75 wrote:
Bone armor can trigger the BV?

Yeah it does, Bone Armor trigger all your abilities in your wand.
Can this build delve :) ?

How would you go about getting (and maintaining) the syndicate operatives early on?

A few leagues ago I played a spectre build (slavers), and it was sometimes hard to maintain them alive.

If I was unlucky I had to head back to the control blocks... but I gather that getting syndicate operatives back is not as straight forward, right?

What would you recommend?
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It can delve to depth 1000 without a problem. It can't deep delve though, minions start taking damage the deeper you go and in the end they get oneshot during deep delve (3000+). It could probably go deeper. I got to 1000 in Heist and only stopped because I couldn't bother anymore. I'm sure I could go further though. My AG could drop down to 90% hp from some hits back then though, but he only had 60k health as I was running an Elementalist.

Casual delving from 200-800 should be no problem though. You will see when your minions start taking damage at deeper depths. Minion builds are historically known to be unplayable at deep delving because, well, our minions die and we can't do anything about it.
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