Streamer Interview - ThisIsBadger

Badger is the best :) Such a great guy! I'm so glad you interviewed him
Badger is a cool and unique guy! :)

I like his youtube videos, there´s allways a positive vibe to them.
And Inspired Learning with Yoji is great to listen to while playing poe.

Fun fact: Four days ago a badger was looking for food in my garden,...i hope he moved! ;)

Good luck for the future, badger! :)
let me guess, we wont see path of matth in these series? XD
Awesome to see Badger getting a much deserved shoutout!

One of the most positive and enjoyable streamers - awesome community and the BPL should be up there with Gauntlet levels of visibility with how awesome it is!
IGN: TitanVaolox

IGN: TitanVaolox

who care with closed eyes?

better folow pathmath than that 'positive pocket streamers' thing
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I always liked Badger. I watch his videos on YouTube and I love him and Yoji on Inspired Learning. Seems like a nice guy.
You didn't ask him what his opinions on the destruction of harvest were?

I'd be interested to know if he thinks it's killed poe like the other 99% think so, or if its a good move like the 1% think it is so only they can get to experience new end game content while everyone else has gear that can't handle it and quits before red maps *shrug*

Harvest nerfs killed PoE?

LMAO that's a good one.

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