[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Boss Killer - 42 Mil. Damage - Maybe 100% Delirium viable

leveling guide i am noob

leveling guide i am noob

Iam noob too compared to full time streamers haha.
But when you ask specefic question I will answer you.

For this build you need round about 100ex.
Of course you can start it with a leaguestarter, but when you have not that much expierence with making currency I would recommend my leaguestarter money maker:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKVTOBmOYqk. With this leaguestarter you can farm a ton of money in some weeks.

When you have enough money to buy for example the axe for the sweep build, you could start to play a Marouder.
Do you know about "Path of building"?

Otherwise Iam thinking to do another sweep build with a marauder, But as I said before, I don't have that much time this league.

So please tell me your question, I will answer.

Hi man, Alen here

here's the pob link that we talked about!
Looking forward to ur reply, im lost as to how to improve this. can't do any bosses, can't even do a t15-16 harvests as everything is so tanky it never dies with me kiting and hiting once every 10 s xD

Hey Alen,

I looked about, I have to work now, will answer you in the evening when I coming home, but you can improve a lot in this build, You have really good gear and we will work on that.
First of all, I can write my current pob of my leecher sweep slayer. Maybe you can see some tipps.

So now I did my work.

Here is the pob for your duelist version:


I changed some gemsetups, especially the vaals gems, the ascendentspoints, and some skilltreepoints, (you need now the thread of hope - medium circle jewel).
You make now 2.8 milion damage vs bosses. But be carefull to not waste your ragecount before bossing. Rage you can get from the leapslam, or when you have the right cluster jewel. Check my poe out, what I wrote you before:


I have there a cluster jewel what gives me rage every hit, but not more than once every second. With leapslamsetup is really fast to get 50 rage.
Use Berserk on bosses :)

Here I did another pob with berserker(marauder). You make 1 million more damage. For nothing, just because of marauder haha.


I think you follow the guide from "path of exile builds" from youtube right? They are really good, but when he means "cheap" he means standart cheap...
So be carefull and stay safe exile!
Hej, update 3.15?
Hej, update 3.15?

Hey man, I will update all of my builds, the problem I need the time for it ^^
I think last update will be on the next sunday!
Hi man is this build still updated?

Hi man is this build still updated?

Yes :)

But it will only have 42 Mil. dps. Two leagues ago, it has 70.... So really big nerf
Bro, your POB is have old unique flasks and several another old items, if you change their, that will be good for new players who want play this build. <3
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