[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Boss Killer - 42 Mil. Damage - Maybe 100% Delirium viable

Damn, 15 rage cost per full attack now. Seems impossible to keep 75 rage. >.<

Heck I can't even keep attacking and leap slamming without losing all my rage in a few seconds and reverting to default attack. Any ideas?

Don't use lethal pride anymore!
I think it was never supposed to, that you can have so much mana regenaration for the rage regen. for using it all the time. So this nerv is fucking huge!
I think to change the lethal pride jewel for an another life/damage jewel should be fine, and we save one Skillpoint.
Just save the rage for killing the boss...

I tried with my Sweep Tanky version... and look how many bufs I have for Berserk:

Still, with lethal pride it's not possible to handle the rage stable, when using Berserk.
Aoe looks cool. Wanted something different and saw sweep and that massive Aoe, so tried as Ultimatum league start.

While the damage is very good. Defenses suck so much. I don't even know how to fix it for cheap. I can do maps, but league mechanic is out of the question mostly. I just instantly die due to stuns sadly. I saw that you made another guide of more defenses. I wonder what are cheaper alternatives to make it a bit more tanky?
Sadly can't even get good drops. Will have to wait for prices to get normal. I might get The brass dome or just carcass jack and brute force with AOE damage.

But the problem is sometimes you feel like there is damage and sometimes there isn't.
I saw that you made another guide of more defenses. I wonder what are cheaper alternatives to make it a bit more tanky?

Hmm I think the best way to find it out, it's to send me your pob.
For example you can take the "Unwavering stance" node in the skilltree.

I played last league this build more or less as a leaguestarter and it was quite fine in the storyline. When I had some currency, I bought carcass jack too, the Aoe is crazy than, and you get some defence because of it. Don't need to stay near to enemies anymore.
I play a juggernaut now, and wanted to buy a brass dome... yeah 80c for an three - link...I think we have to wait both haha
Oh yeah forgot about Unwavering Stance.
Here is my POB: https://pastebin.com/kpzRxqsx
This is what I got so far. I am also using Clarity for mana regen and sand stance for blind effect. Oh Yeah, the flesh and stone got now 35% mana reservation.

Edit: Nvm figured something out. Now all working. Going strong now. Just hoping for some prices to drop.
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Hello, I was thinking with the nerf of Chainbreaker. How would you generate rage properly? For example, killing Shaper and Sirus. Once you enter the instance all your rage is 0. Without any rage the damage and attack speed is abysmal. Any solution? Or does the Lethal Pride still allow for regular attacks with massive regen?
Any solution?


First of all, sorry for the late repley. Working on my bachelor thesis, working, life ect. Don't have that much time to play.

But I tried the build without the lethal pride Jewel. There are two options:

Jewel switch:
when you enter the map (or sirus, or shaper ect.), wait until your rage is up to 50. and change the jewel with another one that has life and attack modifiner. Attack the boos, or go mapping, you have the damage output a bit, don't use Berserk until you need it (like fighting against boss).
And maybe have a helmet like this entchantment:

Remove jewel:
Remove the lethal pride finaly, for a better crimson jewel. and just mapping with the rage from the berserker. In mapping, when you have your gear, it's not a problem, but shaper and sirus will be harder than before. Maybe, when I have the time, I make a video, how to fight against these bosses.

But all in all: I think the "allways have rage" function is gone. GGG saw that's to powerfull. even for spell skills builds.
Understandable, have the same thing irl.

So I was messing around with mana regen etc. I bought Atziri foible, clear mind, rage support gem, Mana regen rings. It kinda works, it is possible to map. With full rage. BUT they also released new gloves "Hateforge" (10-25)% reduced Rage Cost of Skills. I wonder if that could further help decrease the cost of skill. And I also found out that there is cluster jewel mod "Bloodscent" Which helps to gain rage, but I wonder if that stacks. But that mod alone is expensive. This league for me is a bit boring. Idk if I will achieve high-end gear.
This league for me is a bit boring. Idk if I will achieve high-end gear.

I feel the same way, I think I will play just only one Charakter this league.

Yeah the idea with atzitis amuelt was in my mind too, but the problem is, the damage, life, everything will gone, only because you want more mana reg. for the rage.

Hateforge is an interessting way to play, but also, you will lose some damage, becuase of vulnerabitlity, life and res.

Will try it on the weekend I think.

And the bloodscent does't stack. You only get one rage, every 0.3 sec. from the ascendent. But maybe they buffed it in 3.14. Will try that too :)


Hmm interesting

Use Chains of Emancipation and Shackles of the Wretched to gain instant maximum Rage and keep high Berserk sustain. This video features my Wild Strike Berserker.

Gain Maximum Rage immediately after dipping below 25 when Vortex tags enemy. Press/Hold a key or cast on left click. Use a second Curse with Temporal Chains and Hextouch to expire Temp Chains. This counts as "Losing Temporal Chains". Gain Curse Immunity while you're at it.

Thats really interessting, I had that in my mind last league, the problem is: You have to change the belt, where is much life and resistances on it.
So we have to calculate that^^
But I think I will do that on the weekend.
Thx man for the post!

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