Runners-up of the Talent Competition

Talented people
i have closed my eyes and slamed,thanks
Jousis is a genius!
It's a bit weird that you liked so much my 2 previous Path of Exile in Minecraft videos that they actually won 2 times and now "Path of Exile | Final Version" didnt even get to the "runner's up" :)

But anyway... community of PoE seems to like it so it's enough for me ^^
Congratz to the winners! That pixel art one is very good! :)
GGG, please nerf forum badges.
It is very hard to keep up when posts are 10 cm tall and there is a small paragraph only.
It is getting ridiculous.
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Wondering if my submissions was lost in the thread and ggg didn't notice it. Community of poe loved it, so I was really hoping it would at least appear as a runner up.. Sigh. Too bad
is that really what the maven looks like lol
Really some incredible stuff..

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