🎄Friendly and Active🎄 <Maven's Realm> recruits for the new season! (1000+ players, Discord✅)

Casual to semi hardcore player with 2.7k hours played only on steam.

ign RuiEkk
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hello im interested in joining as a casual player
ign: EmptiBoneZone sc trade
open slots are always available for new homies <3
hi i would like to join as a causal player
softcore trade
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I'd love to join the guild starting out as a casual even though I've been not so casually clocking in over 100 hours past 2 weeks...

IGN: Ezkatka (94 deadeye) if i'm not online on my deadeye it'll most likely be on my other character: Moxile (95 inquisitor)

Playing SC Ancestor :)
Hello there.

Mature casual player looking to join a guild, your guild seems friendly.

IGN - AOA_Frostbite
Discord - unspokenmessiah
All requests responded to via PM
Hey there I am interested in joining as a casual player

IGN: Critinator
Discord: Critinator

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