🎄Friendly and Active🎄 <Maven's Realm> recruits for the new season! (1000+ players, Discord✅)

Have been out of POE for the past 2 years but making a comeback to kill the time while back in school. Looking for a casual guild to help with leveling, mapping etc. I have a coulpe 95+ characters but not recently.
IGN: AncArmRFBrand
Hello there.

Mature casual player looking to join a guild, your guild seems friendly.

IGN - Namnomnim
Discord - Ed_1878
All requests responded to

Casual player looking for a guild to call home your guild seems friendly

IGN- Theironhotdog
Discord- yungleannn
Brand new player to POE LF leveling guild or guild to chill with, I want to learn to play correctly. Mature play living in Seattle Area: IGN HeavenlyDots

Casual player looking for a new guild, seeing how my current one is inactive.

IGN: BobTheDeaddie
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hello exiles

casual player here - managed to get lvl95 on Crucible league

would like to join a guild

IGN: BarbequeAssMilker
All requests have been responded to.

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