🎄Friendly and Active🎄 <Maven's Realm> recruits for the new season! (1000+ players, Discord✅)

Looking to join as a casual player, I play over 20 hours a week.

Account name: markws1
IGN/Character name : Flicktotic
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i would like to join the casual guild

Account name: paradox2419
IGN/Character name : Bellatrix_LeFay
Hey, I'd like to join the casual guild if there are any spots

Account Name: Kazawaza
IGN/Character Name: KazaBBGlad
Hi! Looking to join guild.

Pretty active, 50+ hrs a week.

IGN: Smooshiee_TV

Thanks! :D
Hey, would like to join the guild.

Always wanted to play PoE, finally did it this league,
so i am very new but loving the game!
played a few chars (and deleted them) found a build i liked,
ive beat shaper, elder, running red maps A8, but want to start
playing with others, would like to learn more about the game,
willing to help out when/where i can.

usually play for a few hours a night, alot more at weekends.

IGN : BangBangBB

If you're still recruiting, I'd love to join.
I am a friendly active casual :D

Account name: karimshalapy
IGN/Character name: KS_TooHot
Last edited by karimshalapy on May 26, 2021, 2:22:41 AM
Hello, Could I get an invite to the guild? Casual player, tired of playing solo though.

Account name: xenosymphony
IGN: Rinnry
Last edited by xenosymphony on May 30, 2021, 9:41:35 AM

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