🎄Friendly and Active🎄 <Maven's Realm> recruits for the new season! (1000+ players, Discord✅)


Can I join the guild. active weekend player

IGN: Ultimatus_Lancer.
Hi, I would like to join ad a casual player. IGN: Meical_
both invited
Inv please

IGN Zevardokath
Hello! I'm a casual and active player looking for a guild.

IGN: Melekka
I'm a casual player, active, friendly & like to helps others too.
I'd like to join your guild.
My IGN: TheHordeIsNear
Good evening (or morning, note sure what timezone you are in),

Would like to join the guild as casual player. Previously played on standard but after some time stopped (more then a year break) and now returned in Ultimatum league. It will be awesome to join community since playing completely solo becomes boring sometimes, plus this time i really want to get around all PoE content and mechanics, so i would like to learn from experienced players.

My IGN: Mehelar

Hey, I've been playing POE for some time and I've been trying to find a guild for some, and this guild seems very friendly.

IGN: HenrieAura
Looking to join as a casual player. I play about 30-40 hours a week. sitting at level 92. I usually play to league end.

Account name: chillspid3r
IGN/Character name : DumpheythePersistent
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