Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

The idea that we would quit the game because we got our gear is hilarious.

I came back after a long POE break of being burned out, and a friend introduced me to harvest, I have never played so much POE in a row, farming harvests, crafting gear, theory crafting builds without insane currency thresholds...

So you want to make the "best items" hard to find, the best items are still incredibly hard to make, mirror worthy shit isn't made in Harvests, sure they can help but they are not the only source..

unpopular opinion for sure but this will make me personally want to invest less time in the game, and play less. If it's just a mindless grind with insane requirements. This is the first time many people crafted their own items and it felt amazing, now we go back to select few crafting the items.
Doesn't really solve the issue that end-game crafting will be equal to "Wtb softcore aug XXX, rem/add XXX". Solve this, then nerf the system. Thanks on beforehand.
Extremely disappointing changes from a team that clearly don't test or play the game. Harvest is now the only reason I still play the game after reaching 40 challenges. Removing those crafts will make the game dull and boring. Old times... play for 3 weeks and skip PoE. Here we go again. Please reconsider this.
You have 3 problems:
1. 99.99999% of items that drop are absolute unusable trash.
2. The servers are complete utter garbage as of this league/end of Heist, personally I get rubberbanded all the time and can't even dodge shit. That is on top of 0 visual clarity.
3. The content is really really hard as is - bosses have a lot of HP, hit like a truck, there are random 1-shots all over the game etc. Not to mention dumb phasing issues, Izaro is an especially good example of this, its buggy as fuck.

Harvest at least remedies some of that by giving us those perfect/near-perfect items, so that we can survive all the bullshit 1-shots/"failed dodges" etc.

Fine, nerf harvest - but then nerf literally every boss and mob in the game.
Well. I feel no need to post my arguments because I won't change any minds, however I do feel there is a disconnect between the players and design team who seem to be making a game for themselves rather than the players. Sorry to be harsh.
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could you at least fix the awful system of having to unveil 1000s of items every league to use the normal crafting system if you are going to nerf the deterministic crafting system you implemented that people loved into hell? big sadge
This sentiment was summed up by a member of our design team who recently said "We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not."

This right here is why I wonder what planet GGG staff lives on. I absolutely never want that feeling back, having it replaced by Harvest opened my eyes to how terrible the original crafting system was.

Terrible, terrible reversion to a terrible, terrible system.

Guess I'm all in on Last Epoch.

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