Community Designed Divination Card - Poll #3

Community Designed Divination Card - Theme

Legacy of the Watchers of Decay
Ever-changing state of the Atlas
Temptation of the Atlas and its consequences
Dangers of exploring the unknown
Properties and mysteries of the Watchstones
Poll closed
Raniu wrote:
Having a blast reading all the comments of people who have no idea what's going on. The reward is already set and it's a random Unique Watchstone. We're deciding on the theme now. Not the stone's properties xD

Guess the theme of community designed card will be pretty much determined by random choices, haha!

Why read/listen to lore when you can just clear another map?
Unique watchstone won ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

2/3 wanted magic, 2/3 = majority. So unique watchstone wins..? Lol ggg.
I am personally abstaining from anymore of this nonsense..

Another round of GGG's finest management decisions.
Temptation of the Atlas and its consequences. lol

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