Community Designed Divination Card - Poll #3

Community Designed Divination Card - Theme

Legacy of the Watchers of Decay
Ever-changing state of the Atlas
Temptation of the Atlas and its consequences
Dangers of exploring the unknown
Properties and mysteries of the Watchstones
Poll closed
Seeing as my post criticizing the poll question was removed, I just wanted to publicly apologize if I offended anyone and hurt their feelings. That was not my intention. Whoever you are, I am very sorry.
Murgatroyd wrote:
I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

We are voting on a poetic note so the card is not the obvious overpowered choice. If you read carefully, there's a hint on every sentence.
Well over 60% of voters wanted a magic watchstone and this is what we get for options?

This is lame. Completely ruined it.

Design better polls.
Cool !!!
Everyone makes mistakes and we all see the poll was flawed in the previous version. Re-do the magic vs unique poll for #4 if you don't feel comfortable going with Magic because #2 poll was flawed. As others stated, when over 60% of the population wanted magic due to it being split between 4 choices compared to 2 choices for unique, it's flawed.

As this is a community item, it should reflect the community. Making a mistake is normal and fixing it is normal which is why we provide you feedback about the game experience to make it better. Making a mistake in the poll and then doubling down on it for no apparent reason is disappointing.

Hopefully you take this into consideration.
Tuminure wrote:
The community has decided on 'Any Unique Watchstone'.!
This happens when you can't create good polls and/or can't read results. 36.3% voted for unique watchstone and 63.7% voted for magic watchstone so the community wants magic watchstone. Not the unique.

This. Poll string failure. Restart.
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damn i have to play 3k more hours to unveil the effects ?c
with other words
i dont get it
Last edited by PrivateMarc on Mar 11, 2021, 5:25:59 AM
Shadowstorm wrote:
What does "Legacy of the watchers of decay" mean? I don't know about any watchers... Although 'Legacy' and 'Decay' make me think of the defeated Elder. Is this category supposed to relate to why the Elder didn't have any citadel/watchtowers across the Atlas when he still had power?

Iirc, the watchers of decay were the group that sealed the Elder before Venarius ended up freeing it by removing Starforge from its body, and let Elder roam the atlas again.
Having a blast reading all the comments of people who have no idea what's going on. The reward is already set and it's a random Unique Watchstone. We're deciding on the theme now. Not the stone's properties xD

Guess the theme of community designed card will be pretty much determined by random choices, haha!

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