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New Microtransactions: Madcap Goliath Beetle and Celestial Carrion Golem Skin; Stash Tab Sale

Finally Celestial Carrion Golem! Thank you!
Nooooo not Carrion Golem mtx,

Means they are going to be destroyationed never to be used ever again after the next nerf notes.

RIP Carrions

exactly. lol

i remember when they release x2 Arc MTX and instantly destroyd the skill in the next patch.

Its the "buy it now and never use it anymore" GGG business.
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
Nice Carrion Golem!!
Piacevole wrote:
I'd like to point out that automaton/wasteland mtx are for sale since 4 days meybe time to update...

They've been doing this for a while now. Without any announcement, they'll run something like a six-day sale on one mystery box's microtransactions, while still having the usual one-day or all weekend sale of another class of microtransactions, such as weapon effects or "gloomy stuff". So far as I've noticed, they've done it with the Oriath Mystery Box, the Carnival Mystery Box, the Frontier Mystery Box, and currently they're running the Apocalypse Mystery Box microtransactions on this "stealth six-day sale", for lack of a better term. (They may have done it with a couple of other mystery boxes before I noticed.)
Please add a gem stash tab similar to the unique stash tab, preferably with separate slots for alternate quality gems.
Why everyone is saying that carryon golem will be nerfed again? What am I missing here?
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Great looking golem

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