[3.14] SSF Friendly Poison BF/BB Assassin Levelling Guide | Blast Through Levelling

3.14 Update: This still works fine, for levelling, only at endgame you're going to feel the nerfs happening with BB. PoB updated to 3.14, even though the path is still the same we're taking. Happy blasting. :) - Also added Siosa's Library quest to spreadsheet, as that's the only way to obtain Poison support. (thanks, Serpico451!)

Recent streams have really brought attention to the power of Bladefall/Bladeblast. Here's a written levelling guide on how to get yourself started, blasting through earlygame non-twinked like never before. I myself find it an easier experience to level with a written guide on the side, which I can follow, in order to get to what I regard as the fun part of the game, Mapping/Endgame.

Step-By-Step Detailed Levelling Document

Step-By-Step Detailed POB Showing Passive Skilltree order and Gem-link thresholds.

Please note this primarily focuses on the levelling/early mapping aspect of Poison BF/BB, and not actually Min/Maxing the build.

Any questions you might have I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Also any feedback on the sheet/pob is greatly appreciated. :)
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Extremely in depth guide, easy to follow!
Extremely fast to get from lvl 0 to maps, and even clearing high tier maps!
The build is so insane with its 0 to hero costs.
New user friendly!
Well done m8!

This is the build im going for next league for sure!
God-like levelling guide, thank you!
Acarvalho wrote:
God-like levelling guide, thank you!

Thanks for the kind words!
This helped me out greatly. Playing it non race first time SSFHC, guide is golden thanks :)
What anoint(s) would you suggest when starting out maps and then a bit later on?
Why go both caustic arrow + toxic rain?
imRadial wrote:
Why go both caustic arrow + toxic rain?

We go caustic arrow for clearing early with pierce, one shot should usually be enough to clear trash. Toxic Rain should be used as a single target dps booster, mainly for act bosses. Together with Ballista Totem support, you can just put them down and focus on your rotation of Caustic Arrow, Puncture and Burning Arrow early.

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