[Steam] "There has been a patch that you need to update to"

Same Canada East - non-steam
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My RNG has a 0.0 multiplier
Same here, Canada East too
I can confirm the following as well. I always have to download a patch even if I need to just restart the game and this has occurred only since yesterday. I am on the Canada East server as well.

NOTE: I have also reinstalled the full game directory on Steam and I am still getting this same problem.
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Same shit happens occasionally on canada east, usually goes away after few attempts to log in, using packchecker.exe seems to help other times when it doesn't, don't care enough to make separate thread
Haven't tried re-install, but facing the same issue. Canada east as well. I find it odd that the server/realm would matter.
same issue as above posters - same gateway used (Can East)
This resolves the issue temporarily but it generally creeps up next time you log in.
Also experiencing this. Was able to play just a couple of hours ago. Doesn't matter which gateway I try to use, and the game client doesn't auto-update to the latest patch. In Toronto, Canada using Bell Fiber, maybe ISP related?
The game is also trying to update in Steam every time I boot it, even when there is no download for PoE. It takes about 10 minutes.

Then when trying to log in (Canada (East)), the game will sometimes refuse to login and mention that there is a patch available. Just click login a couple times and it eventually gets through.

The steam part is the most annoying for me, since that takes 10 minutes . . .

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