Diablo II: Resurrected

Is POE done now that D2 is coming back? I am very worried after seeing the trailer.
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No, they can coexist peacefully, that is of course if it's not a steaming pile like the W3 remake.

PoE 2077

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d2 is 20 years old game,
0 endgame, just endless meph runs solo, party run baals
compared to the poe or grimdown it's nothing
kind regards
Stop baiting, nothing significant will happen.
Assuming that PvP stays unchanged from originial D2 there is a very high chance that POE has seen the last of me.
ivqancorp wrote:
Is POE done now that D2 is coming back? I am very worried after seeing the trailer.

Don’t worry. POE won’t be done until you’ve had time to explain what happened to your giveaway. Plenty of time. Only been 5months since you were gathering evidence :D
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I love old D2, fantastic game. But when looking at content its dwarfed compared to PoE. And I don't think todays Blizzard will support it with lots and lots of content. Looking at D3, they pretty much kept the support at a minimum when they realized they couldn't get a steady flow of cash from the Auction House.

If anything, the things i mostly look forward D2 is to just re-experience the story again, listen to the music and enjoy the slower less gameplay.
So D2 will no doubt be fun. But I think i will get tired of grinding Baal or Mephisto runs quite fast.
Meanwhile PoE has so much more to offer and it just keeps gaining a steady flow of content.
Are you really scared of blizzard atm? LOL.
Actually there is a thread in off-topic section of the forum already.....I guess sooner or later this thread will move there by GGG support staff....
I am not a GGG employee.

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