3.13.1d Hotfix

I see some older posts that likely had the same issue:
Missing path of exile folder in mydocuments - please help
No PoE folder in My Documents

MS Win10 nags you to use OneDrive, but it leaves you with TWO Documents folders and so TWO \My Games\Path of Exile folders. Even after deleting OneDrive, it will continue inserting itself.

Yesterday i deleted the whole C:\Users\````\OneDrive\Documents\ folder to try and force it to use original E:\Users\````\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile. Latter is where my local filters reside. Did not work.

How can i force PoE to use the original user folder?

BTW, from the date and time on the production_Config.ini files, i see what triggered this: I switched monitors and was trying to fix the color profile using the AMD Radeon software. Booted PoE from that software rather than Steam to test. This must have triggered it to make a whole new \My Games\Path of Exile\ folder. [sound of head banging on wall]
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You have 3 options:

1) You could probably remove OneDrive

2) Or try to create a symbolic link to the old documents folder with mlink:

So like create a symbolic link in the new documents folder for Path of Exile and point it to the PoE folder in the old documents path.

3) give up on Windows and switch to Linux :)
PoE and 99% of all other Windows Games are running pretty well with Vulkan/DXVK and Proton.
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