New Microtransaction: Automaton Crackling Lance Effect

Automaton lightning skills always look amazing. This skill however is still just inferior to Arc and really needs another few percentage points of damage or mechanical improvements to be good.
Le Toucan Will Return
lance meet arc
any mtx for explode chests upcoming? xD
Very cool effect.

Small request: Can we get the missing Contagion MTXs for Scientist and Project? You gave us Essence Drain effects for both in the boxes, but never matching Contagions. How can I use them when they won't match?!
So, we simply get a recolored skill as a separate MTX?
"War's over, soldier. You just don't know it yet. Everybody lost."
I mean it looks cool, but doesnt do any damage haha.
CrazyEmkido wrote:
We'r want pets for autoloot currency and additional slots in inventory!

No we don't
Is there a way to get the Automaton Arc redesined? Arc without an mtx looks more playable then iwth mtx :/

Thankyou for adding MTX for my favorite and very viable skill!

Need to get more people to play this!
I like it. What's the music from?

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