Unleash raging sparks upon your enemies with the new Automaton Crackling Lance Effect! This cosmetic effect replaces the standard look of the skill with striking red tendrils and adds red swirls around your character as you cast. Catch it in action below or get yours here.

Electrify your entire look with other Automaton themed microtransactions such as the Automaton Lightning Armour Pack, Wings, Weapon Effect and Footprints.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!
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Unleash raging sparks that deals no damage to your enemies.
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Noice! Looks like Sirus' death beam in a way :P
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niceee wow ไนนนนซ์์ซึึึ
We'r want pets for autoloot currency and additional slots in inventory!
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im actually making a Crackling Lance character rn haha. would LOVE if there is a Sunprism/celestial/twilight/nightfall/shaper skin for crackling lance!

We NEED more SunPrism MTX!!
More Automaton + Demonic stuff please.

Demonic Sigil of Power would be great; like a pentagram that casts as you gain stages.
Well ok
Crackling lance needs a "stops/slows removal of intensity when unique hit recently" to make it even possible to use, not sure what the point of mtx for it when it's possibly one of the worst skills in the game at the moment.

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