3.13.1.d Patch Notes (restartless)

ty hope to see more harvest crafts and less reforge useless
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tbone469 wrote:
darkracer125 wrote:
Hans_Rudi wrote:
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the performance of the game is actually great.
though yesterday i was looking for a hideout in chat.

and every single time someone commented in trade 820 and global 820. i could feel my game stutter a little.

if you close the chats though there is no issue what so ever.

this is a load of hogwash. I play on standard HC SSF where there's almost no one saying anything on chat and the performance is terrible. It was better in 3.12, not by a huge margin but it was better. Just because it's working fine for you doesn't mean the performance of the game is great.

This is one of if not the only video game I have ever seen so many people mention issues with the performance and it's been this way since the game was released. Stop trying to defend it at this point just because it happens to work fine on your PC.

i am not defending anyone. i was sharing my experiance.
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Can we talk about the shadow nerf to maven invitations for the uncharted realms fights(Hidden, TWisted, Formed, etc?

As someone who runs them constantly, yes, I noticed the extreme decline in invitation drops.
Please fix the fight with Sirius in the end, the last phase to be precise - during the fight the fps drops continuously to such an extent that avoiding his attacks is sometimes impossible. Generally speaking in 3.13 I have more fps drops than it was in other leagues.
Zalkortis wrote:
Unfortunately, while some aspects are better now - some are worse. Flame dashing now always make half of the screen in red/gray/white blocks for at least half of a second. And the game almost everytime stutters then.

With the last patches I had only artifacts in the very corners, now its almost the half of the screen and in addition its stuttering.

Usually I play like 100-150 hours a league, this league I played about 10. Most of the time was frustrating. The last about 5 hours after the last patch was really fun, this patch now destoyed it again.

Thank you...

I think I will skip a few leagues now and focus on other games until you get your engine working the way it should.

Yes i got this too.not half the screen but it gotten worse. And my pc is not bad at all and everything is up to date.
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Rekill wrote:
Yes i got this too.not half the screen but it gotten worse. And my pc is not bad at all and everything is up to date.

For me all is solved, the game runs perfect now as I wrote later, at least on Linux/ProtonGE with Vulkan. Hope this will stay now at least until end of league.

If you're on Windows, try to get the latest nvidia beta driver or vulkan development drivers, and see if it's working better:

I'm pretty sure its a driver issue with the game, as switching the proton version to the newest GE release solves all issues for me.
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Loading has been improved so that the initial loading screen is faster and textures are not reloaded after viewing full-screen user interface panels such as the Passive Skill Tree or Atlas of Worlds.

Really? REALLY? Then explain why after dying in a Maven 10 boss fight, I go back in and _nothing_ is loaded including the floor.
And that's after when I started the fight and had to dodge bosses and attacks I couldn't see as the game didn't preload them.

This was _fine_ when you patched things in 3.1.13.B, but it seems 3.1.13.D has brought things back to how much it sucked at the start of the league.
Heeeey... can we maybe like... get some settings to turn down on console so my game runs at more then 0.2 fps while doing rituals in maps above t12?






-cries alone-

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