Ritual Supporter Packs Concept Art

Nice Set , Id Like to see different colors added to the world of Wraeclast but please consider to release the shield.
There is no shield. What you think is a shield is actually the front of the armour.

Edit: My bad, the armour should have a shield skin
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Elite Faithsworn Set is not good as it should be. In concept art and on the gif in shop, it's brighter, much brighter
b4timert wrote:
I like the shield. Where is it?
I cant remember we ever had a shield in a support pack.

The Elite Faithsworn Shield is currently not scheduled for a release but will likely be introduced in the future separately from the supporter pack.

Do you plan same for faithsworn weapon effect? There arent many wep effects that compliment faithsworn

Nice cash grab btw (current packs value is already mediocre compared to prev packs....)
guys please please please I will beg for this could not careless

please change the helmet make it look like the shield or something similar please, for real the guy on the helmet I know it gives it crusader and paladin vibe like a soldier fighting for faithsworn or something but it's just so bad

I would really love to pay 70$ instead of 60$ to have a different helmet please do anything about it.

last league heist you fixed the colors for the spellblade and I know in this case we don't have a bug but it would be the best thing in game because I really can't accept using any helmet with that set I can't just like other helmets on it so please I am requesting as a costumer and a fan.

thanks in advance!!
The ritual supporter packs really good and also nice design in recent seasons, I brought both of them.
Thanks for sharing the concepts. Damn, texture and model artists did a great job conveying these into the game!
Everybody wanting the shield but there are actually Weapon Effects for both of these packs in the games files that just weren't released for some reason.

Maybe they weren't finished on time? Hope they don't plan on releasing them for Points
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I like the Shield. Too bad it's not part of the Pack.....
Since we are getting the shield at some point, I hope they implement like a thick wide big german bastard sword to go with it

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