Twilight Microtransactions Now Available in Store & Twilight Stash Skin

niceeee!!!!!! best box ever
I have 5x nightfall cloud pets. I want a refund.
Sweet! Love the new stash MTX!
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
Give me that stash MTX NOW!!!
I have three phones, Blizzard. Three f***ing phones.
Well, definitely getting the Twilight stuff in time. Love the look, superb work GGG. I ADORE the Flame Dash effect and the Aura effect too.

Can we get die Stash skin Option or every Mystery box ? Most of them have a cool design & it'd fit to hideout tilesets
Introducing the Death & Rebirth Mystery Box
Awesome, are these in the store permanently?
Nice one. Maybe I get this, instead of having the regular one in my Hideout.
They look beautiful! I love them! xD
You got me excited for some pixels depicting a box.
Wow, this felt like it came quicker than I thought it would!

Now time to look forward to actually getting some of those pretty dank effects!
Rufalius, hybrid Aura/Arc/Mana Guardian | Hemorae, TS Raider | Wuru, Ele Hit Wand Trickster

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