The dazzling cosmetic effects from the previous Twilight Mystery Box are now available in the store! It’s also still possible to combine some of the individual Sunrise and Nightfall microtransactions into the ‘Twilight’ cosmetic effects. You can see all of the cosmetics that have been made available in the Twilight Mystery Box trailer below or you can view everything that is new to the store here.

If you would like to add a touch of extra glamour to your hideout then check out the new Twilight Stash Skin Bundle. This bundle replaces the standard look of your Stash and Guild Stash with elegant, purple and gold themed ones. You can equip your Stash Skin by checking under the ‘Twilight’ theme in the Hideout Cosmetics UI and placing the item in your hideout. Please note that both microtransactions are only available within your hideout and will not be displayed in town instances.

Thank you for your support!
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