[3.13] Occultist Hexblast Blackflame Chaos Ignite | All content viable | 27 mil Shaper Ignite


The dmg seems pretty nice for hexblast, how it felt vs endgame bosses?

All bosses cleared deathless, idk about delve bosses, I skip delve almost every league
Clear with asenath is not bad, but I'm comparing it to BV explody so honestly it's pretty good.
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[3.14] Champion Relic of the Pact Petrified Blood
[3.13] Occultist Hexblast Blackflame Chaos Ignite
Do you ever encounter that big purple square glitch when running this build? I've seen a couple instances of it when looking into the build and hesitate to give the build a shot because of it.
that big purple square glitch

Yup, this fixed this couple patches ago. It was some bug with mobs with certain aura, and or those ghost mobs.
Didn't really bother me, the purple box actually helps while fighting maven.

But doesn't matter, they fixed the bug
Check out my other builds:
[3.14] Champion Relic of the Pact Petrified Blood
[3.13] Occultist Hexblast Blackflame Chaos Ignite
I tried something similar as my leaguestarter but went for a really meme crit version, and i hit a wall in red tier maps.

I would love to see a video of how the clear and bossing looks like. I would totally respec into this if i could just see how good it is visually
Zyememe wrote:
Since Hexblast was so bad the last league I didn't bother trying it, but they buffed it. So I decided to give it a shot this league with the new unique.

Path of Building: Community fork

Against shaper and bosses, it does reasonable ignite damage, drop wither, cast curse, cast Hexblast, run away.

Boss dps

Mapping is easier, just right click on a group of mobs, and they all blow up.

Mapping dps

All content deathless cleared:
Maven ✔
Sirus A9 ✔
Uber ELder ✔
Shaper ✔
Elder ✔
Guardians ✔
Conquerors ✔
Uncharted Realm ✔

Core Concepts

With Doomsday, we get guaranteed 40 stacks of Doom to proc with Hexblast.
The Blackflame unique has 2 great upsides:
The Wither we apply on the enemies does not disappear. So we can safely assume 15 Wither stack on a boss.
Our damage dealt to an enemy is done in Chaos, which means we get to ignore fire resist completely. However, we still scale fire dot.


Despair: This is our main curse, we use this for getting Doom and main damage curse. Self cast this.
Temporal Chains: We get this from Asenath's Gentle Touch, Temporal Chains is great because it's just more total damage dealt. It doesn't reduce our DPS, but it increases the time the ignite will last on an enemy.
Vulnerability: We get this from the other ring slot. You don't need this, pretty unnecessary, but it ups our dps a bit as it makes our ignite deal damage faster. Get it if you don't need another suffix on ring.
Flammability: This is bad, we don't do fire damage to an enemy, the only reason we would take this, would be for the ignite chance, but that means you need to either self cast this or use Blasphemy. Both sucks.



Doesn't really matter here, get the highest ES you can get, the enchant dones't mean much, aoe is nice but we don't need it as we use Windshriek.
Hunter influence for -Chaos resist, nice dmg boost.
Redeemer influence for burning dmg + ignite chance, unnecessary cuz we run combustion


Just get a fat ES chest.


Asenath's Gentle Touch is BIS here, it gives Temporal Chains, blind, and helps clear. The corpse that it leaves over, can still proliferate ignite, so blight encounters get easy.
If you can't afford Asenath's Gentle Touch

Get a fire dot multi with ES.


All elemental resist, elemental damage, additional curse, and huge AoE for our despair and Hexblast.


ES and resist, that's it.


These were really cheap, but you can use Ashcallers for ignite chance if you don't wanna run combustion in Hexblast link.


Blackflame is core item. The other ring is just vulnerability and ES + fill resist.


These are super easy to craft this league with Harvest.
Alt spam until you hit +1 int. Block suffix, aug chaos, or non-chaos to chaos gamble. If you don't block suffix and hit chaos resist, just rem chaos/add chaos.
We anoint Corruption because wither effect.

Cluster Jewels:

Vile Reinvigoration is amazing, good recovery, 6% ES, 24% DoT.
Burning Bright is the most damage node.
Circling Oblivion cheap alternative of Burning Bright.
Blowback is more DPS.
Brush with Death is not bad either.

Jewels are pretty self-explanatory, get ES, get fire dmg, get DoT, fire DoT Multi. Watcher's eye for faster ignite = more DPS.

"Ancient Orb"


Divergent Hexblast - Combustion Support - Ignite Proliferation - Awakened Unbound Ailments Support - Awakened Burning Damage Support - Awakened Deadly Ailments Support

If you self cast flammability or use ashcallers, then you don't need Combustion support for ignite chance, swap for Swift Affliction.

Despair - Increased Critical Strikes Support - Faster Casting Support - Impending Doom Support

We put in Inc Crit to proc Elemental Overload with Impending Doom. Pretty unnecessary but we have the open slots.

Wither - Spell Totel Support - Multiple Totems Support - Faster Casting Support

Malevolence - Discipline - Enlighten[lv3]

If you wanna go the life version of this build, use skitterbot or anger instead of discipline.

Cast When Damage Taken Support[lv1] - Immortal Call[lv3] - Increase Duration - Phase Run

We lack attributes in this build, so all of my are lv 1s. Phase run not linked because I don't have enough Dex, but if your phase run is lv 4+, then it could be linked to the Inc Duration and CWDT wouldn't affect it because it's lv1.

This link is open to whatever you want. I wanted a bit more survivability.

Flame Dash - Faster Casting Support - Portal

I actually league started with a very similar build, but ended up going low-life with shavs, and fenumus' weave https://pastebin.com/UGc8zTif. This PoB provides an ~ 2.5x DPS increase. Able to achieve 50 doom with anomolous flammability with lvl 4 enhance (self casted, and then also dont need combustion for ignite chance). Running Disc/Malevolance/Anger/Clarity and then Despair/TempChains on a blasphemy aura. PoB has GG gear/jewels, but can post my other PoB later from my actual gear/gems from before I disassembled for a new build if wanted.^

Only have to actually cast the curse for bosses, otherwise just cast hexblast and run, super fast clear even in T16+.

Snip of Sirus DPS sheet here:

Also, at least from my PoB a divergent Hexblast is only a DPS increase at comparable levels, i.e. a 21/20 default Hexblast will out DPS a 20/20 divergent Hexblast, so it's only really worth the upgrade if you can get a hold of a 21/20 divergent Hexblast, but that would be very pricey.
Thanks for the build, I've never played something like this before, so maybe a stupid question: can I craft wand with "trigger socketed spell when you use skill" and put in this wand despair? As I understand it, support gems will not work on despair, but it will be applied automatically. Perhaps I do not understand something, I have not yet fully figured out the build. Will I lose a lot of damage or is this variation quite playable?
can I craft wand with "trigger socketed spell when you use skill" and put in this wand despair

Then you're triggering despair every 4 seconds, and since it's not self cast, it has no Doom stack, therefore it's just another curse, so if you wanna put it in your wand alongside a main despair self cast curse that's fine
Check out my other builds:
[3.14] Champion Relic of the Pact Petrified Blood
[3.13] Occultist Hexblast Blackflame Chaos Ignite
Where are you getting your 111 dex from? pob showing you at about 70 short

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