💀💀💀TombStone💀3.14 Zombie Necro Ultimatum💀up to 1.4 Mil DMG per Zombie 💀11 Zombies💀💀💀

The Build works around Max Block, high Life regen and DMG reduction

First Build Showcase t16 Map and Shaper Guardians

Meaven Invitation Shaper Guardians

Elder AFK

Blight T16 AFK

PoB from 06.02.2021
3.13 Zombie Necro Ritual 0.85Mil Dmg /11 Zombies

Min/Max PoB
3.13 Zombie Necro Ritual 1.1Mil Dmg /11 Zombies

NEW 100% Delirius T15/16 PoB from 28.03.2021
3.13 Zombie Necro Ritual 1.2Mil Min Max Alternate RmR
Notice some minor changes in Gem Positions happend,
to reduce the amount of Mana reserved.
Only Usable with "RmR Jewels" or "Socketed Gems have RmR"

Anointed "Indomitable Army" for more Phys reduction
for Carrion Golem/Zombies,
kept dying in Hard 100% Delirius Scenes
Swapped Pride into Shield
Swapped Flesh and stone into Shield
Swapped Dread Banner into Gloves
Swapped Flame Dash in Gloves (simply no other space left)
Swapped Stone Golem in in Boots
Swapped Skeletons in "Hungry Loop" Setup
for more Skeleton DMG/ they even stronger
than the Zombies before
added "Convocation" into Gloves for more Quality of Life

3.13/3.14 Zombie Necro Ritual 1.5Mil Skelly Standart Violent Dead
Legacy PoB from 15.04.2021


"Violent Dead" Legacy added for Zombies cooldown and slam Dmg
"Elegant Hubris" added with 320% Minion Dmg, Chaos res and Spell Block
kicked out the "Thread of Hope Jewel" since we got enough defense
so we can get a second "Violent Dead" and Anointed "Ravenous Horde" instead.

RMR Skillbar








RmR Setup:







2x Carnage Chieftain "Act2 - The Old Fields" " Act7 - the Ashen fields"
2x Host Chieftain "Act6 - The Riverways" " Act7 - the Ashen fields"

Mask of the Stitched Demon
Victarios Flight
Rare Chest Armour with "You can Apply an additional Curse",
"increased effect of offerings", "high life" and
"Gain % Maxium Life as Extra Energy Shield"
Gloves with Vulnerabilty on Hit

"Crystal Skin"
you could also do "Soul of Steel" or "Anointed Flesh"
pretty much for the +1 Max Resistances

for later in league if you added Flesh and Stone to your build
you can change to "Charisma" in the build to get it working

For RmR Setup with more Survivability ( if you got enough RmR)
take "Indomitable Army" as Anointment

For The Bandits: Just Kill them all

RmR Setup:

RmR Setup goes Standart:

Elegant Hubris with 2x "80% Minion Damage" and 1x "15%
increased effect on your Non-Curse Aura Skills"

also good are more Minion Damage or Minion Life if you
feel that your Minions are to weak to survive.

RmR Setup:

RmR Setup:

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Maybe a vid or 2, to see it in action.
The gear u have, kinda expensive.
That amulet is sick :P
All content done?
Hi atm i havent the equip to capture a video around me. Im on holidays with my mobile setup.

Things like Conqueros and Sirus Awakener 6 were done flawless.
The investment is arround 50-80Ex for this kind a gear.

Many items i bought cheap in early league. i will to hand in later the promised videos.

The amulet happend on acident. bought for 8ex the base (zombies + intelligence) and then i aug life with harvest craft an hit t1 on it.
the rest was reforge keep prefixes and 1 aug chaos to get it like it is.
intelligence isnt that nessecary on it, dex or str would be more prefered on it ^^
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added short showcase

Animate Guardian
this not budget build? if i have 5 ex i can play with that build?
this not budget build? if i have 5 ex i can play with that build?

you can try to start this build, i started from zero to this, but for now its around 200Ex investment.

so you better not counting on it to do blighted maps afk with 5 ex investment.

What you basically looking for is Life, Res, Minion Dmg and Chaos Res.
The other things you pick up bye the skilltree.

you can start with 1 Cluster jewel Reneval, Primoridal Bound and Rotten Claws (arround 1-2ex)

and leave the Thread of Hope, instead you anoint Ravenous Horde.

also ingore tthe elegant hubris, whats pretty much only more dmg.

and start with lvl 1 non awakendend gems.

hope it helps a little
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2x Carnage Chieftain "Act2 - The Old Fields"
2x Host Chieftain "Act6 - The Riverways"

both can be found in A7 the ashen fields.
Umbario wrote:
2x Carnage Chieftain "Act2 - The Old Fields"
2x Host Chieftain "Act6 - The Riverways"

both can be found in A7 the ashen fields.

thx i edit it, and add your suggestion
Please make a phased leveling tree , thank u

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