💀💀💀TombStone💀3.14 Zombie Necro Ultimatum💀up to 1.4 Mil DMG per Zombie 💀11 Zombies💀💀💀

SeJuWa wrote:
Please make a phased leveling tree , thank u

Tried to make a lvling tree, not really in his final form but you should understand what the rough way is to aquire the build.

Edited PoB
Added Video
added Lvling Tree in PoB
added Tree without Gloriuos Vanity and Thread of Hope
Updated Pastebin
(i got the message my pastebin is broken, i know that, but you can insert it into PoB if you copy the whole Pastebin text, it works i tryed it.

Updated Gems:

Changed Multistrike from Skeletons to Awakened Melee Physical Damage, since the Vaal skellys doesnt profit from Multistrike.

Changed Anomalous Impale against normal Impale and changed instead Dread Banner against Divergent Dread Banner. so the impale chance is still capped over 100% and the impale effect is raised bye 10%.

Got a new Armour to play with

24% Non-Curse Auras buffed our DMG even more.

The regenerate life every 4 seconds, is not nessary, i want nearby enemies are blindet on it, but atm im out of currency to try that.

Got a new Ring

with even more Minion DMG frum subteran Mod. and 3+ socketed gems for Pride wich buffes our DMG even more.

i try to get minions take 50% reduced Physical dmg on that, that our Zombies can run phys reflectet maps.

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Updated Design of TombStone
I can proudly announce we hit 1Mil DPS from the Zombies by adding Flesh and Stone to our build. And we are even more Tanky when we change to Sand Stance.

PoB Update coming on the Next Days and how to integrate it into the build.
I just started to play this build and looks amazing!
I contacted You in game yesterday and You helped me a lot. Thanks in advance for that! :)
I have a question about the timeless jewel. Is it required to use an Elegant Hubris to get the Minion node cause it can change the outcome of small passives, correct?
Also do You think is better to focus on cluster jewels before giving attention to the timeless jewel? Like leaving it for last thing to worry about?

Thanks a lot!!
i think the cluster jewels would give you more dmg surviveability in the first time of the build.

i bought arround 10 elegant hubris and rolled them with like 50 divines and my best outcome was 2x 80% minion dmg. the cluster jewels are to have for arround 50c to 1-2ex what is way cheaper.
New Min/Max PoB Out,


improved alternate quality gems,
added "Flesh and stone" into the build
new anointment "charisma"
new Armour
New Cluster Jewel
Slightly different Skilltree
Focus on more Dmg without losing Survieability

Still "+1 curse" is a placeholder and useless, still looking for "nearby enemies are blinded"
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So finally i get something good on my Armour, but it changed a little bit.

i go for +1 support gems for more damage

and changed my abyss jewels for the chance to blind with my minions

upgraded my ring and my shield

going for more dmg on ring, and loose 1 endurance charge ( only do that if you got already 90% phys dmg mitigation)

going for more def on shield, the RmR happends on accident and is not nessary on the item, but nice to have.
NEW 100% Delirius T15/16 PoB
3.13 Zombie Necro Ritual 1.2Mil Min Max Alternate RmR
Notice some minor changes in Gem Positions happend,
to reduce the amount of Mana reserved.
Only Usable with "RmR Jewels" or "Socketed Gems have RmR"

Anointed "Indomitable Army" for more Phys reduction
for Carrion Golem/Zombies,
kept dying in Hard 100% Delirius Scenes
Swapped Flame Dash in Gloves (simply no other space left)
Swapped Stone Golem in Ring
(for more regen true +3 socketed gems mod)
Swapped Pride in Shield ( for reduced RmR)


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