[3.14] Viper Strike Poison Pathfinder - League Start and Endgame Guide

Awesome guide and build.
First and foremost: Thank you Delphinol!
Your warning for 3.14 let me know what I was getting into beforehand.
The vast amount of information about your own build helped me to design something very similar but very different.

It's a shame the elder bonus for claw was gutted. Everything pathfinders get their hands on in this game ends up getting nerfed.

Anyway i'm using a far different build with wasp nest + hidden blade currently which is melting red maps on low level gems and hardly any dps optimizations aside from replica alberons warpath.

Managed to incorporate petrified blood + starkonjas + strength of blood + a more permanent fortify solution.

It's still somewhat squishy if you stand still too long, the dps is terribly lacking super end game, and generally just feels like ggg is out to get us.

Melee pathfinder was always a personal favorite of mine-- Every damn melee pathfinder ever has been slowly gutted from wild strike, to molten strike, and now all poison melee variations are basically crap again.

It's truly sad because I invested quite a lot to try to make it work just to find that simply to hit a measely 2m dps I technically need a 35 exalt claw which STILL isn't even close to the elder bonus they removed.

I can understand removing the elder bonus for other ascendancies that already have absurd damage-- but pathfinder really ate the bullet with this nerf.

I can't think of a single melee way to play pathfinder now which has legitimate survivability + dps in one package.

In the end the most I can do this league is just try to finish leveling as changing to this has absolutely destroyed my likelyhood of being able to finish my league challenges. (It'd cost well over 15 ex and 90~ regret to change back to scourge arrow build.)

Technically if I was willing to give up my perma berserk from rotblood + chains of emancipation I could stack a lot lot more strength but I still doubt it would make a realistic end game difference. We're looking at several minutes to effectively kill sirus as is.


My pob if anyone is interested.
I can say with confidence that my build probably speed clears maps several times faster than even the fastest pathfinder speed running builds you will find.
In fact this is a god tier speed leveling build if nothing else.

Hidden blades unseen strike constantly spreads poison automatically, plague bearer stacks constantly melting almost anything by itself, flicker strike lets us close gaps in the fastest way possible. (Really good for singling out uniques and rares to pop with viper strike.)

If anyone has any truly budget melee pathfinder builds in the making or know of any please feel free to link me to them! I have begun theory crafting off of an old build from bestiary in standard recently and the thought of a good melee pathfinder starter for the next league simply will not leave my mind.

Update on this comment: I started theory crafting my own build which yielded extremely good results using molten strike.
Not trying to advertise it or anything but just letting people know I found my way already!
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Thank you for your build, with this build, can I play P/S and swap Viper strike for boss? Sorry my English is not good :x
Why does it seem like the highest DPS Viper Strike Pathfinders have a completely different 6-link


Viper Strike
Added Chaos Damage Support
Unbound Ailments Support
Void Manipulation Support
Melee Splash Support

Are the highest DPS users on POE Ninja
What stats are most important for this build?

Physical damage, critical strike chance, attack speed?
planning update for 3.15?
Does anyone feel like this build is doing good DMG but not alot of people play it ? 20 person in poe.ninja only !
I've invested few ex in it and doing t16 rare maps rather quickly

Can anyone help me out with an image of the passive tree? I have no way of using PoB. Thanks!
Turns out I can access Poe Planner, if anyone happens to have that.

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