Ethercraft Back Attachment

So what's next, are you going to release all your aura effects as back attachments now?
awfull and fix the game, u have one extra month like u said to us to game run smootly...whata joke!!!
This is the most hideous MTX I have EVER seen by you GGG... the bug on your face was better looking and more original :D
Coolwars20 wrote:
Dear GGG!
When microtransactions from Twinlight mistery box will appear in the shop?
It allways happens when new mistery box appeared, but not this time =(
W8ing it so much!

also waiting for twilight mtx in regular shop, need to buy couple of items for full upgraded set
Portal on our back
Deleted too spicy for GGG
Last edited by KicsiSVK on Jan 26, 2021, 11:10:15 AM
That's just lazy...

Gotta say, that's really not good. You should probably remove that from the shop and refund anyone who bought it, because they clearly have an addiction issue...
Not a fan. Aura and weapon effects look good, but this is just ridiculous IMO.
Look at me.

I'm the portal now.

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