[3.14] The Invisible Witch | SRS MI Bomber

So, what would the theoretical 6-link for SRS be now? I imagine Minion Life support will have to be there. Same for spectres, is there even a point of having them? They'll probably die pretty regurarly.
This league I've been playing ruthless exclusively, so I didn't even consider 6-link options, since I used this build as a league starter. I have a character in SSF Standard you can check (TrSSF_RaiderSRSMI), where I went full Acrobatics. It's usable as a league starter, but minion builds are dead in end game (except for few specific builds).

For the spectres - I'm using Frost Sentinels, these have a lot of health and are ranged. I had no problem to use them even with MI. But for harder content, no, spectres are not usable without too much hassle.

In ruthless, I was able to farm yellow maps and also finish low red maps for completion (albeit slowly) on a 4-link. The damage is great, but in ruthless, this build suffers from the missing forth ascendancy point and a movement speed nerf to onslaught.

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