[3.14] The Invisible Witch | SRS MI Bomber

The basics are the same as with a Witch, but Witches usually use blocking as their primary defense. Therefore they use Bone offering and the synergy with their ascendancy. Blocking also synergizes well with Energy Shield.

Raider, on the other hand, gets full defense just from the ascendancy (and Evasion based armor), so the only passive skills we need are Health and Damage :) It's much easier to balance it out.

For the first 3 acts there are two options, how to proceed:
1) Level with Elemental Hit until you get SRS in act 3
2) Create a Witch character, finish the quest in the second map, take SRS as a reward, put it in your stash, delete Witch, create a Raider and be happy :D
Trying to figure out which auras to use. Final version shows Vaal Grace (50%) - no aura just oh shit maybe?, Skitterbots (35%), Dread Banner (10%), and Flesh and Stone (35%). Do we not use Grace as an aura anymore?
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Bookem211 wrote:
Trying to figure out which auras to use. Final version shows Vaal Grace (50%) - no aura just oh shit maybe?, Skitterbots (35%), Dread Banner (10%), and Flesh and Stone (35%). Do we not use Grace as an aura anymore?

No, we use Grace aura only during leveling, and even that is not needed much. As soon as you get Avatar of the Chase ascendancy, you are basically capped on evasion even without Grace.

So Vaal Grace is used only for the Vaal effect.

So it's really only Skitterbots (35%) = more damage, Dread Banner (10%) = extra defense layer, and Flesh and Stone (35%) = extra defense layer
Just a quick update - I'm skipping this league and playing SSF Standard again. I'm trying to simplify some aspects of the build and make it more league friendly (starter build friendly).

Right now I'm trying to play without trigger effect on the wands (to skip unveiling). Therefore I exchanged Steelskin guard skill for Summon Stone Golem.
I also ditched Coldsnap. It means we use double Vermillion rings from now on.

I'm also trying a new prefix on life flask - Panicked, since low life is considered <50%. So far it works great. Small hits are resolved with Kintsugi + Flask + Stone golem, big hits with Kintsugi + Panicked life flask (instant 2k life). Feels better then Seething prefix.
I found leveling before lv 40 with Herald of agony made the most sense, don't need any damage nodes on the tree

can put blink arrow with the same links as well

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Basically any gem that scales primarily with its level and not with your weapon can be used. Some are better, some are worse, but if you keep your level on par with the zone, you'll be fine with anything.

What I do at the league start is to create a Witch and finish the quest "Breaking Some Eggs". It's a quest in the second zone, so you just run there, collect three eggs and open a passage. You get Raging Spirits as a reward. It takes 5 minutes from character creation. Then I put the gem in my chest, relog and create a Raider. So I can use SRS from the very beginning (well, you need to get some Intelligence on your gear before you get Primal Spirit passive which is like lvl 9).
Trying this in Gauntlet practise league

I found the early going with Caustic arrow, puncture
with Summon Holy relic + summon phantasm great for keeping you topped up.
Then cast SRS+ infernal legion in the downtime

Post 3.15 patch notes:

Apart from the general damage nerfs on all support gems and ailment immunity, I think we dodged most of the nerfs. So lets see how we can deal with it:

1) Ailment immunity.

Now Raider has 50% chance to avoid elemental ailments, and we can grab another 50% from nearby passives. So we can still maintain ailments immunity. 5 passive points investment.

2) Flask nerfs

Ailment immunities are resolved, so these don't affect us. Obviously, we wouldn't be able to spam flasks for trash fights, but it wasn't required either. Just keep charges for bosses. The nerf to Granite flask will hurt, but it's not a deal breaker.

3) Nerf to Minion damage support gem

Now, this is a big deal, because 25% less Health to our minions is a no go. I don't know if it also affects Elder modifiers, but I would presume it does. So there are two options:
1) Move our 6-link from the helmet to 6-link body armor and exchange minion damage for something else (not sure what)
2) Roll different modifier than Minion damage on the helmet.

Right now I'm more tempted to go with the former one.

4) Nerf to onslaught and Unleashed support

This is yet to be tested how it feels, but I may change Unleash for something else and rather go with fewer minions, but with bigger booms. Or go back to Spell Echo.

Other then that we will just be slower :(

Other changes should be rather minor (if I didn't miss anything important) and shouldn't affect the build other than in it's viability for end game.
Hi. I made this build for this league and it feels better to play than the witch version I did some leagues ago. Only did Sirius 6 so far but it was very easy with right click (srs) and stutter stepping. Problem is that I now am at 20 srs with 3 frenzy charges so I sometimes re summon them so they can't explode. So I need to drop some faster casting.
I'm playing this build again, this time in SSF Ruthless 3.20 (Sanctum league). Currently sitting close to 1M DPS on a 4-link.

I'm not going to update the guide, since nobody cares about off-meta meme builds, but if anyone is interested anyway, you can check the character in my profile (Tr_SSFR_Ranger), it's public.

Few notes for SSF Ruthless:
- You need a Witch mule (act 1) for SRS gem (+ few others)
- Even beelining to Witch area for minion damage nodes makes the first two acts really slow and struggling for damage. When you start grabbing them, it gets better.
- I killed Kitava A5 on a 1-link, started maps on a 2-link (I didn't drop any usable support gems). Completely viable :)
- I had to farm white maps for support gems, basically hitting level 81 before I could assemble a decent 4-link.
- I played all-minion build until I dropped Infernal Legion support gem, then specced into Minion Instability (used refund points from the quests).
- The biggest issue is off-coloring without crafting bench

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