[3.13] Ice Dancing Queen - Icestorm/Cyclone/CI - Viable For Everything

well only for me it's like 2 months already league than 2 weeks in real?)

and if you can play 2-3h max per day instead of 10-12h ) and don't know or don't like to craft and no luck for drop = zero progress in gear :/

I always crafted my helm and chest every league. 1 hunter and 1 crusader orb per attempt on each. With ilvls 75-79, it's 100% chance on helm and 50% chance on chest to hit %int.

At some point you just need to learn how.

(Don't have time to play this league, important project is due.)
Last edited by Graiaule on May 4, 2021, 1:25:32 AM
well yeah i know about it, but i mean to craft for sell smth if you not lucky for drop or abusing smth like quarry early ) don't like delve and now it's practically only ok way to craft...
and yeah for me POE always was = hours of killing mobs to get currency/some valuable drop and buy what you need....without crafting,flipping or smth)
and now i can play only 2-3h so practically zero progress....i got 1 ex drop after 2 weeks!)

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