[3.13] Bladestorm Jugg - DW, All Uniques, Fast, Tanky, Fun, Cheap to Start

-::- 3.13 Bladestorm Juggernaut -::-

-::- Introduction -::-
Hi guys, this is my offering for 3.13 and what I will be playing. It's based on the work I did on 3.12 Smite Jugg.

My profile is public and you can see my Characters all setup:

Ritual - "Corossoo".
Standard - "Corosii".

Keep in mind the gear I am currently using and the PoB exports here on the main post can go out of date quickly, so make sure to check the last pages on the thread as I post updates often that are not part of the main post.

If you don't know me, I've made quite a few builds in the past, most popular being 'ScourgeFlurry' back in the 2.6-3.0 days.

My last two builds are:

3.12 Smite Jugg

3.11 Infernal Blow Champ

Take comfort in knowing that if I release a guide, I've taken the time to test and made sure the build is worthy of it. I stand by my work, show videos for you to judge for yourselves, and you can always ask questions here or in-game, but depending on the complexity of it, I may ask you to post it here for me to write a detailed answer.

Also, please leave a comment here to let me know if you're playing this and if enjoying the build or not. It's always nice to hear from players trying out my crazy niche builds.

-::- Short Videos -::-

**Click each image for full HQ GIF with sound

Simulacrum - Wave 20 Kosis 3.12 Standard DPS Test/Instance Crash

T16 Minotaur + Metamorph - 3.12 Standard DPS Test

-::- Long Videos -::-

-::- Description & FAQ -::-
This is a "D3 style" build using mostly all uniques.

I designed it based on the work I did for 3.12 Smite Jugg.

Why Bladestorm? Because in 3.13 we'll be fighting in a small area for Rituals and you can just drop some Bladestorms and let them keep doing damage, blinding mobs, while you move around.

Do you need to use all uniques? No, you can go rares for things like Tailwind, etc. I just like the challenge of working with all uniques.

Do you need Watcher's Eye? No, the Standard Test videos above are without it.

Why a Jugg? Cuz I like my Jugg! ;) (you can convert this into Champ, Slayer, Scion, etc, and it should work fine). Also, because we are immune to Temporal Chains; making the "Max Rage On-Demand" belt work great!

How does the Emancipation Belt work? You get hit > You get Cursed with Temporal > You pop Warding Life Flask > You lose Temporal Curse > You gain Max Rage > You pop Berserk > Repeat forever!

Which Paradoxica mods do I want? Phys + Bleed/Poison, Attack Speed + Quality

Which Megalomaniac mods do I want? You NEED "Fuel The Fight", any others are a bonus. To find other good Cluster mods to get: PoB > Tree > Show Node Power: Combined DPS > Power Report > Show Clusters

How tanky is this build? Tanky enough to do all content, but it only has ~5k life, which is enough, but it's hard to get higher using all Uniques; you can go higher using rare items instead.

Can this build do Sirus 8? Yes, it should be fine, but I've only do Sirus 5 in 3.13, so far, as I am still gathering Watchstones. If you can do Sirus 5 and kill Kosis Wave 20, you can do Sirus 8, as long as you know the mechanics. Check DonTheCrown's video for mechanics help: https://youtu.be/9X4TAEdL0a8

Is this build good for Uber Lab? Yes, this should be pretty good for Uber Lab farming.

My Standard gear is a bit unbalanced regarding resistances, but since we have Endurance Charges up always, that fixes it, but make sure you balance resistances with a better rare Shaper ring.

I've only tested this a bit in Standard, so I will expand this section more as I play it in 3.13.

-::- Leveling -::-

Leveling Video
Follow Tytykiller's Bladestorm 3:40 A10 Kitava: https://youtu.be/eomt2BbnDhM
**Thanks Tyty!

Weapon Vendor Recipe
Use this to upgrade your weapons:

Act Checklists

Act 1
Buy: Red-Red-Green, Chance to Bleed, War Banner, Blood and Sand, Maim, Iron Rings

Reward: Quicksilver, Onslaught, Ancestral Protector, Steel Skin, Added Fire, Leap Slam, Sunder

Path: Town > Coast > Flats > Submerged > Coast > Tidal > Town(Buy) > Submerged(Portal@Flooded) > Prison > Town > Portal@Flooded > Town(Buy) > Prison(Trial) > Graveyard(Portal@Fairgraves) > Cave > Merveil > Town > Portal@Fairgraves > Town > Merveil > Town > S.Forest(A2)

Ground Slam + Chance Bleed/Added Fire + Onslaught
Sunder + Added Fire + Onslaught (LVL 12)
Ancestral Protector + Ruthless/Maim
Blood and Sand
War Banner
Leap Slam

Tree: Versatility > Strong Arm

Weapon: Jade Hatchet, Boarding Axe

Pickup: Rustic Sash, Essences

Need: Alterations(Buy gems A2), Red Sockets

Nice: Movement Boots

Optimal: Merveil(LVL 12-13)

Act 2
Buy: Herald of Purity, Blood Rage, Close Combat, Rage, Melee Phys

Reward: Herald of Ash, Faster Attacks

Path: Chamber Sins(Trial, Fidelitas) > Town > Riverways > Western > Weaver > Town > Crossroads > Bridge > Kraityn(Kill) > Town > Riverways > Wetlands > Oak(Kill) > Waypoint > Western > Alira(Help) > Blackguards > Town > Crossroads > Fellshrine > Crypt(Trial) > Town > Town(A1) > Wetlands(A2) > V.Ruins > Forest > Caverns > A.Pyramid > Town > Sarn(A3)

Skills: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks

Tree: Barbarism > Slaughter

Weapon: Cleaver, Boarding Axe

Pickup: Leather Belt(Essence), Topaz Ring, Two-Stone Ring

Optimal: Vaal Oversoul(LVL 21-22)

Act 3
Buy: Bladestorm, Rallying Cry, Pride, Fortify

Reward: Vulnerability, Jade Amulet, Ancestral Warchief

Path: Sarn > Slums > Crematorium(Trial) > Town > Sewers > Marketplace > Catacombs(Trial) > Town > Marketplace > Battlefront > Docks(Full Clear XP) > Town > Battlefront > Solaris > Sewers(Recipe) > Barracks(Gravicious) > Lunaris > Town > Barracks > Gardens(Trial) > Town > Lab(Waypoint only) > Gardens > Scepter > A4

Sunder + Added Fire + Melee Phys + Onslaught
Blade Storm(LVL 28) + Rage + Melee Phys + Close Combat
Ancestral Warchief(LVL 28) + Maim

Tree: Heart of the Warrior > Warrior’s Blood > Call to Arms

Weapons: Decorative Axe > Spectral Axe

Pickup: Giant Life Flask, 4L(3R,1G)

Optimal: Dominus(LVL 28-29)

Act 4
Reward: Flame Golem

Path: Aqueduct > Dried Lake (Recipe) > Town > Mines(LVL 30) > Veins > Town > Lab(31) > Veins > Daresso > Kaom > Town > HO(Craft Life&Res) > Veins > Belly(Don’t Curse Doedre) > Town > Ascent > Pens > A5

Skills: Pride(@Single Target Bosses)

Tree: Brinkmanship > Soul Steel > Blood Less

Weapons: Decorative Axe > Spectral Axe > Tomahawk > Wrist Chopper

Pickup: Jewellery

Optimal: Malachai(LVL 35)

Act 5
Rewards: Two-Stone Ring(Check Res), Silver Flask

Path: Pens > Blocks(Miasmeter) > Square > Courts > Innocence > Courts > Square > Ossuary(Recipe) > HO(Craft Phys Weapons) > Square(Portal@Cathedral) > Reliquary > Town > Square(Portal) > Cathedral > A6

Tree: Resolute Technique > Cleaving > Splitting Strikes

Skills: Pride(@Innocence)

Optimal: Innocence(39-40), Cap Res 105

Act 6
Rewards: STR Helm

Path: Coast > Flats > Fortress(Tukohama, Recipe) > Ridge > Town > Twilight > Ridge > Prison(Trial, Recipe) > Tower > Town > Gate > W.Forest > Riverways > S.Forest > Cavern > Beacon > Reef > Town > A7

Skills: Blade Storm + Rage + Fortify(LVL Melee Phys) + Close Combat

Optimal: King(LVL 47)

Act 7
Rewards: Granite Flask

Path: Bridge(Locket) > Crossroads > Ruins > Crypt(Trial, Map) > Town > Crossroads > Chamber(Recipe) > Map > Chamber(Trial, Recipe) > Den > Fields > N.Forest(Portal@Thicket) > Causeway(Recipe, Star) > City > Town > N.Forest(Portal) > Thicket(Recipe) > Town > Riverways(A6) > Wetlands > Town > Gate(A6) > Lab(49-50, Recipe) > Town(A7) > City > Temple(Recipe) > Ramparts > A8

Tree: Gladiators Perseverance

Optimal: Arakaali(LVL 50-51)

Act 8
Reward: Two-Stone Ring, Potency

Path: Conduits > Cesspool(Recipe) > Quay(Ankh) > Gate > Fields > Temple(Recipe) > Town > Temple 1 > S.Concourse > Bridge > L.Concourse(Waypoint!) > L.Temple > Town > L.Concourse > B.House(Trial, Wings) > H.Gardens(Yugul) > Town > L.Concourse > Bridge > A9

Tree: Constitution > Path of the Warrior

Skills: CWDT+Molten Shell

Weapons: Siege Axe

Optimal: Sisters(LVL 56-57)

Act 9
Path: Blood Aqueducts(LVL 62) > Descent > Desert(Recipe, Portal@Oasis) > Oasis > Desert > Foothills > Boiling Lake > Town > Foothills > Tunnel(Trial, Recipe) > Quarry(Recipe) > Shrine & Refinery > Town > Quarry > Belly > Core > A10

Tree: Hard Knocks > Proficiency > Juggernaut > Dervish

Optimal: Trinity(64), Cap Res (105)

Act 10
Buy: Dex Amulet

Rewards: Sulphur Flask

Path: Cathedral(Apex) > Square(Portal@Square, Waypoint) > Town > Square(Portal) > Blocks > Town > Ossuary(Trial, Recipe) > Town > Merciless Lab(LVL 64-65, Recipe) > Town > Square > Courts > Chambers > Square > Canals > Trough(Recipe) > Kitava

Optimal: Kitava(LVL 65)

Atlas Watchstones Video
Follow Path of Matth's Atlas Watchstone Strategy: https://youtu.be/v_Vr2OTEfCM
**Thanks Matth!

Ascendancy, Patheon, Enchants
Ascend: Unstoppable > Undeniable > Unyielding
Pantheon: Solaris + Shakari/Ryslatha/Abberath
Helm Enchant: Blood Rage 12% AS, Ancestral Protector 18% AS, +1 Bladestorms, Bladestorm 40% dmg, Berserk 30% eff
Boot Enchant: 16% AS

-::- How to Play the Build -::-
Run around spamming your attack. Keep in mind Multistrike takes 3 attacks to reach max DPS, but don't stand around for too long.

Leap Slam can be linked to Culling Strike/Power Charge on Crit, so use your mobility to stay alive, kill low health mobs and gain Power Charges.

Leap can also be linked to Blood Magic, if you have mana issues.

If you want to run Precision, you will need "-mana cost" on jewellery (Replica Conqueror's Jewel + "-7 mana" on ring was enough in my testing). I did not use Precision in the Standard Test videos above.

Keep your Protector totem up for max DPS!

Pop Berserk + Dread Banner + Ancestral Protector + Vaal Ancestral Warchief when you want max DPS.

Use your Warding Life Flask after getting hit to remove Temporal curse and gain Max Rage from belt, then pop Berserk.

Pop Vaal Molten Shell for "ohh SHIT!!!" moments.

Swap Warding Life flask for Ignite/Poison for Conqueror's that require it.

-::- Easy Key Binding Setup -::-

*Keep 3 fingers on "234" and thumb on "Space", ready to spam the most used flasks.
*Slide over ring finger to "1" for Life flask.

"LMB" = Warcry
"MMB" = Blood and Sand
"RMB" = Bladestorm
"Q" = Ancestral Protector
"W" = Leap Slam
"E" = Blood Rage
"A" = Berserk
"S" = Vaal Ancestral Warchief
"D" = Vaal Molten Shell
"Z" = Dread Banner
"X" = Move Only

-::- Current Gear -::-









**Obviously, I have some pretty expensive items, but they are not required and you can find cheap options for everything.

**Swap Ring > Sibyl's + Yugul Pantheon to run Reflect Maps.

-::- Leveling Gear -::-

-::- PoB Exports -::-

3.12 Standard Test
https://pastebin.com/VXbM5uyG **Updated Jan 14th 2021 12PM EST

***The Config page in these exports is setup to show max potential DPS and to let you (the player) know exactly what effects I am optimizing. Please keep in mind that PoB is a math tool used to help you optimize temporary effects and this game is ALL about temporary effects.

When you use PoB and only tick things that are up 100% of the time, you're doing yourself and your build a disservice as you won't be able to truly optimize DPS output.

The point is that effects weren't just ticked to inflate DPS and I take it as a given that people understand you need to adjust the Config page to match the scenario you're looking to see the numbers for.

Come on guys! Won't you give Bladestorm some love? ;)

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FIRST !!!! Lol

lets see
uchika wrote:
FIRST !!!! Lol

lets see

Lol quite the achievement ;)

Hope you like.

i like juggernaut alot .
i like tanky builds . i was playing howa jugge but i am not sure that it can be done to this season . well not at start atleast.
Never played bladestorm . is it tanky enough for sirus awe 8 ?
uchika wrote:
i like juggernaut alot .
i like tanky builds . i was playing howa jugge but i am not sure that it can be done to this season . well not at start atleast.
Never played bladestorm . is it tanky enough for sirus awe 8 ?

Kosis Wave 20 is about as tanky as things can get, and as you can see I took him out pretty quick, so Sirus 8 should be no problem.

BUT! This really depends on how skilled you are.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the fight and I am sure you won't have a problem.

DonTheCrown's video is the best I've found explaining what you need to do:

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Very descriptive guide, excited to try it this season.
ricko_oz wrote:
Very descriptive guide, excited to try it this season.

Thx homie! Looking forward to playing this as well :)
Will be trying this for 3.13, thanks for the guide, especially appreciate the detailed leveling section. Might not get all those uniques but the build seems fun anyway.
keeetchen wrote:
Will be trying this for 3.13, thanks for the guide, especially appreciate the detailed leveling section. Might not get all those uniques but the build seems fun anyway.

Sweet! Thanks for letting me know. Hope it works well for you.

And yeah, no need to go all uniques, specially to get started and with Harvest around again (hopefully it's not gated behind insane lvls of RNG)

Hiya, Im new to the game and I want to follow this build along. Really well explained btw!
But theres 1 thing im confused about, in your acts checklist you say Tree: Versatility > Strongarm. and then in Act too Barbarism > Slaugther...Looking at PoB you dont have strongarm as a selected passive skill.

Could you explain?

The only thing i can think of is that you train strongarm to get to Barbarism as fast as you can? and do you refund the strong arm passive at another time?


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