[3.13] Juggernaut Earthshatter Build - Tanky - Easy All Endgame Content

stoni111121 wrote:
Hi Sham,

what do you think about investing 3 points to reach the large jewel socket north west of "Disemboweling" and fill it with a good jewel with +%maximum life, +%global damage and similar. There's only a small difference in life, but you get some armour from the nodes and an attack boost from the jewel.


If it is a improvement, Its a good plan.

Hi is this 3.14 ready? thx
Hi Sham, thanks for your work and great build. I am really enjoying the Juggernaut Earthshatter within the 3.14 Ultimatum League so far ;) quick question: Is there any particular reason why you kept the blood rage at lvl 6 and precision at lvl 7?
Sekerami wrote:
Hi is this 3.14 ready? thx

nope and i don't have time to update it.
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