Game Balance in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

IM gonna play SLAYERRRR
Kamro wrote:
instead of nerfing the few op spectres , they just gutted the gem. Also i feel golems and spectres just went crazy because of aura stacking. People that like to play "normal" minion builds have to suffer now.

Nah, ever since the dps nerf to skeletons and zombies , spectres and carrion golems specifically have dominated minion builds

They had better scaling , better interactions , better ai. still do.

We would not be sad if the other minions were ... good....

That being said i find the damage change to skeleton mages laughable since their largest issue was how their random damage type fucked scaling.
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Finally some GOOD nerf to minions.
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sadly not enough nerfs for aura stackers
what is, 4th time minion nerf ? or 5th ?
Hushki wrote:
Finally some GOOD nerf to minions.

Yeah, being nerfed every league since Blight isn't enough.
damn shit...
Rebalance the power between ascendancies to encourage players to re-examine optimal strategies. For example, the Trickster’s Escape Artist node provided too large a concentration of offensive and defensive power for hybrid Evasion and Energy Shield characters so the chance to Dodge Spell Hits if you have Energy Shield has been removed, while the Attack and Cast Speed per Ghost Shroud has been slightly lowered

what the actual Coc ?? you just...strightward nerfed it AGAIN,without giving anything in exchange. did you hire RIOT balance team ?
a lot of minion haters on the thread lol
RIP Ground Slam + CoS.

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