Ritual Challenge Rewards

Nice rewards

Is the Hideout as it is displayed or is this just for demonstration purpose?
Looks sick tho
Hideout for 36 ? Damn, we're all doing this.
As a sucker for portals and capes these rewards aint for me. I find it interesting how most of the ppl like it and that is good.

I made my HO a long time ago i love it its my home i aint movin. Spent way too much time on it anyways
that hideout looks sweet !!!
Coffee & Cigarettes
Wow, a hideout for 36! Please keep doing this.
wow amazing going to come back this time for long.

really happy to see this changes and new hideout challenge reward.

more more more more more
you know i need this hideout why you do this
Whole hideout ;0
That is really good theme music tho. Hope it will play during ritual encounters.
"Embrace the serene power that is undeath"
Part of me is excited for a hideout at 36... most of me is sad. I will most likely not be able to reach it with the time I have to play =(

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