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Hype !!! Can't wait for the new league
Coffee & Cigarettes
Wake me up on 12th, thx
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
ThIsIsToXiN wrote:
Why is heist going core tho? It was a failure.

Because they spent a lot of money on it. Even with voice acting and so on.
It's understandable that they want to incorporate this into the base game, really.

morfeablack wrote:
Blessed mother, save us !

Epic trailer is epic
God damn, tonight I had a terrible dream about announcement and league being pushed off another month.. Woke me up, ngl..

Nice! Few days and we start again ;-)
GGG makes good job!

I like last stash tab organization update and it speeds up a lot, Heist league is also ok and I don't mind if it stays, we don't have to make it like many others activity if someone doesn't want (please only let remove green missions from stash tab which can be taken by mistake).

From other things always something can be done like better trading system which doesn't force always go back to hideout to collect few chaos...maybe something what can be done during the game just clicking ok if there's a message that someone want's to buy our staff and system can see that everything is correct with the value agreed on both sides (I think it's possible for the system to see everything we have in all stash tabs, not only in the one we run with). About offline trading possibility I don't know… from one side we could buy something offline on mobile in other free time to safe time or when we see occasiona but it can be that it will change for a stock exchange where some players becomes brokers but ok...what who wants and prefers to do in the game…

Few interesting proposals of "cosmetic" changes I could see on AsmodeusClips channel on youtube (changes POE needs). I agree with him, for example when there're drop of 10-20 same things e.g currency or scrolls you could pick up all same you want just clicking one of them and not one by one...

To be clear, I LOVE this game! I'm quite new, still learning and experience and I'd like to see such development like now always, keep this direction, you have my both hands up!!! I think many players have some good ideas and small proposals which can be I think easily implemented and make the game even more enjoyable ;-) !!!
Good luck everyone, we're waiting all announcements next days with impatience!!!

it's comming!!!! can't wait!!! <3
I am so [redacted] excited!
It really feels like christmas is coming.

How big the hammer brought in the patch notes for Aura Stackers will be i wonder?
_Daybit_ wrote:

A fishing league?

Boat league, obviously. Maybe even TreBOATchet league.
nerdstomperx wrote:
when will flashback rewards be handed out in between these dates?
According to the most recent post of the game-news section of the Discord, Flashback prizes should already be out.

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