Path of Exile 3.13.0 Announcement Details

Can't wait! Thank you for all your effort to this great game :)
why is it so much delay.. but pog..
I must have missed the post, but I assume this means that PoE2 has been delayed? Or did I misunderstand the original announcement for it?
Tygerwoody wrote:
Twitch drops? I ain't falling for that again .
Aktinium wrote:
I sure hope this expansion manages brings me back in, like delve did.
I look forward to the reveal!

29 challenges and a lv 98. That's in.
Nice i hope there will be everything in it so i can plan a lot in advance this time !
Delight in your gilded dungeon, Ascendant.
So excited for this next expansion!
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this new league gon also have supporter packs right? the ones released recently are for the whole year?
Don't forget the buff for melee that actually hits targets!
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