Path of Exile 3.13.0 Announcement Details

Are they going to be reworking or taking out old stuff?

I am as exited as anyone for a new league and new stuff ect but this last league was so hard to play due to frame rate.

Neither my gaming pc worked well this league or my gaming laptop and I can usually run max settings without any drops whatsoever......Never had a league like this.

I am concerned that GGG are putting too much emphasis on adding new stuff to meet player expectation without thinking about how half their players are going to continue to even play if all this constant adding keeps going on........I have very good setups and even that did not matter this league.

Please GGG scale back a bit.......Keep doing what you are doing but please think of all your players and how half of them are not going to buy new computers every few leagues just to keep up playing the game.

Playing this game with drops takes a lot of fun out of it.......I just hope they have taken into consideration the hundreds of complaints from their players about it rather that just listening to the same small percentage.

A vast majority of us just want all the old outdated crap reworked so it has its place again or taken out entirely.
Same, I hope a lot of the redundant stuff gets removed or revamped. Getting to be a real grind to get required end game content.

Also I feel sorry for people who have come later into the game or are new and are trying to navigate the complicated Atlas for end game mapping. This needs to to be revamped as well.

From the early days it was fun trying to do maps with friends and pick up groups but now days everything is a mad speed rush, and unless you have lots of currency it is very hard for a casual player to build a decently geared character.
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In the video, it is like there are projectiles that can bounce on walls, I hope it will because I wait something like this since a long time :)
How will be the rewards distributed?By e-mail?
16:00 to 19:00 in Brazil (Brasilia Time)

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