Highlights from the Heist Flashback Event

literal snore fieste please end this endless heist torment
ask GFL for his videos, he do the same each week but atleast can make it in one part instead of 10 different clips.

p.s. such "news" is a joke
Есть ли крафт после Харвеста?
потом пофиксим, а пока что купи вкладку
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Highlights? Seriously? Stop with the RNG stuff and show us some footage of crazy builds. Or give us a teaser of the new league. 2020 was hard enough as it is. Now we see this RNG that NEVER happens to us....
I wanted to say this for a long time. GGG we appreciate ALL the content these last few months even years. What other game gives us new content every 3 months. THATS crazy!!!!!! Thats why i support you guys. Keep up the good work. You guys rock.
thank you for showing event highlights.
i persoanlly haven't played the event, so i was a bit dissapointed to not see any highlight that feels unique to the event.
At least don't call them "event highlights" since everything you posted happens in hideouts.

It would make no difference if they were in Standard.

Event highlights means stuff that happen with event mechanics enabled,like fights against mobs that appear in an event.
end there i am with lvl 89 in flashback event 0 exalted droped stoped playing waiting for next league ...
Heist isn´t really that awesome as some wants it to be. But then again, very few Leagues are and have been the last cpl yrs.
Great to see it's the same ol streamers.../yaaawn
sorry, i want to know where my contract and item of the character in flashback can move to heist when end of event? i can not find them anywhere... i lost many contrack and good item :(

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