The seasonal winter microtransactions are now available in the store for a limited time! A selection of five snowy cosmetic effects, including a helmet, pets and hideout decorations will help to set a festive mood for upcoming holidays!

The Demonic Arctic Reindeer Pet, Yeti Mask, Polar Bear Cub, Snowman Hideout Decoration and this year's special Ice Sculpture Hideout Decoration will only be available in the store until January 8th (NZT) and won't return until the next December/January holiday period! Check them out by watching the videos below, or click here to get yours.

If you're looking to get some points, consider checking out our new Core Supporter Packs. Thank you so much for your support!
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Snowman decoration its very nice.
Last edited by levonogiy on Dec 21, 2020, 3:48:40 PM
The Redeemer hideout would go perfect with these ;)
They're okay.
You'd probably get more love if they were priced at maybe 1 or 2 dollars rather than 6 - 20.
If i buy something now, are my points gonna work toward upcoming supporter packs ? Or how does it work
If the snowman has a santa hat does that mean it's canon that Santa exists in the PoE world?
would be nice if pets followed a bit more naturally like in a flock instead of "maintain a certain distance and instantly turn in the same direction as your character". that deer looks fine, but its movement is uncanny.
Arctic Raindeer looks awesome with the glowing antlers :P

And the bear cub looks cute as well ofc :3

I like the snowman as well but I already have that one, two of them actually.
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Last edited by MLGonthorian on Dec 21, 2020, 5:14:25 PM
I still dont really get why you didnt rework this yeti mask yet,

Not bad but I feel like they could have gotten more creative here. How about some snowball mtx? Krampus carrion golem? Blizzard blade fall? Santa hats? Ugly sweaters? snowman/xmas tree totems?

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